Mother/Android ending explained – why do Georgia and Sam give up their baby?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 17, 2021 (Last updated: December 18, 2021)
ending of the Hulu film Mother/Android

This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film Mother/Android and will contain spoilers.

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Mother/Android is the worst nightmare for expectant parents. As young couple Georgia and Sam debate whether to keep the baby due to the risk of breaking up, the androids decide to violently turn on the human race. It’s a shocking phenomenon; Georgia states a couple of times that the androids were designed to be safe around humans. With the world entering an apocalypse, Georgia and Sam have no choice but to embrace parenthood in an unforgiving world.

This comes with many challenges and near-misses. There are many times where Georgia and Sam’s life is in danger. Their ultimate goal is to find a place of safety. Boston and South Korea is cited as a place of hope. But of course, in a world like this, the demand for security is the ultimate currency, and it’s in short supply.

Hulu film Mother/Android ending explained

After recent traumatic events and an escape from violent androids, Georgia and Sam find a slim opportunity to take their newborn baby to safety in Korea. They find Korean officers at the docks, ready to sail away. Georgia pleads with the Korean people, asking for a place of refuge. Georgia has the understanding that they will only take the mother and child and tries negotiating.

However, in a sad twist, one of the Korean officers tells Georgia that only their newborn baby can take residence in Korea. With resources, housing, and employment scarce due to the world suffering from an apocalypse, bringing in an entire family would risk one of the few remaining safe societies. Georgia keeps on pleading, but Sam makes an important point; after recently suffering at the hands of the androids and losing his legs, he’s in no fit state to keep them both safe. He also feels Georgia will be unable to keep their baby safe too.

So, Georgia gives in and signs the papers that terminate their rights as parents. We then cut to a world where Georgia imagines what it would have been like if she and Sam remained parents in a safe environment, and the love and joy they would have had for their child. 

Also, the ending of Mother/Android makes a strong suggestion that Georgia and Sam were no longer together — it was likely Sam died from his injuries. At the beginning of the film, Georgia was considering an abortion and a break-up before the android uprising. Ironically, in the end, the couple was childless and their relationship was no more. Georgia heads to another outpost in Portland.

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