The Expanse season 6, episode 2 recap – “The Azure Dragon”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 17, 2021
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Amazon The Expanse season 6, episode 2 - The Azure Dragon


Episode 2 is slowly mulling over the story, and there’s clearly an end in sight that the writers are aiming for.

This recap of Amazon’s The Expanse season 6, episode 2, “The Azure Dragon,” contains spoilers.

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We can already tell that season 6 is biding its time for a grandstanding moment, but I sincerely hope the writers have pulled it off. I can imagine social media getting frustrated that The Expanse has a Game of Thrones ending.

The Expanse season 6, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 returns to the planet in the Laconia system in Ring #673; the young girl is distraught that a bird animal has died and asks her parents for help. Her mother Kat explains that they have to feed the animals differently than on earth. The parents begin to bicker about what’s been built in orbit and sound worried. The young girl goes out on her own mission — she heads out with a small drone to monitor the other birds, but her drone breaks. The young girl breaks down in tears, but then she’s met by a giant creature that tries to communicate with her. She reveals the dead bird in the casing and starts digging a grave for it, but the creature grabs the deceased animal and runs off.

Episode 2 then flits to the U.N.N. Supply Ship, in the Belt with the Rocinante crew onboard. On the Rocinante, Holden learns that Avasarala has sent him a “mission specialist.” Bobbie is that specialist, and she has some concrete plans for Holden and his crew — the mission has changed; they want to capture the Stopper ship that is signaling the rocks — Avasarala wants the data onboard. The Rocinante crew are skeptical, but Bobbie has their plans laid out.

On Ceres Station, Filip Inaros is in a holding cell after he shot his best friend — Marco Inaros asks authorities to release Filip into his custody. As soon as he’s released, Marco gives him a gun and states that he “defended himself.” He references how his son has been embarrassing since they have arrived at the Ceres Station. Marco talks about his struggles at the start of his legacy and that they had no choice to “fuck up.” The father and son are still wide apart, leaving the audience wondering where this will lead.

Filip is starting to feel guilty for what he did to his best friend; he’s dead, and his actions have been covered as self-defense. He sends supplies to their family as payment for their loss and states that his friend died “honorably.”

Drummer is still planning on taking Michio to a place of safety — she believes giving her to Walker will be an ideal candidate. Drummer pays Walker to take Michio off her. Walker mentions Marco’s supply depots all over the Belt, which raises Drummer’s interest. She wants to be shown around by Walker — she wants to know where the supply depots are, citing it as a big prize.

The ending

Episode 2 then flits to Rocinante’s mission, but the ship (The Azure Dragon) they are tailing knows they are there, and it speeds off. The mission is compromised. Bobbie jumps onto the target ship and uses the EMP to deactivate their power. During the mission, Naomi has a panic attack and returns to the Rocinante. The crew need to breach the ship and cut off the reactor. While carrying out their mission, they are attacked by the ship’s crew members. Peaches is hurt and has to return to the Rocinante.

Holden and Amos manage to take control of The Azure Dragon. They access the data; it shows the mapping off all the rocks targeting the earth. Amos checks up on Peaches and tells her that she saved Bobbie’s life. Holden also speaks to Peaches; he tells her it was partly his fault for what happened but tells her she put them all at risk — in the future, he wants her to follow the plan. Peaches apologizes. When Holden walks off, Peaches laughs, realizing that she’s now part of the crew.

Marco learns that The Azure Dragon is gone and captured. He now knows that the fight will be coming to them sooner. We can feel the war on the horizon.

Episode 2 is slowly mulling over the story, and there’s clearly an end in sight that the writers are aiming for.

Navigation logs

  • Bobbie is furious that Peaches is onboard the Rocinante.
  • Holden asks Bobbie about ships going missing through the ring. He’s found footage of an irregular transit and thinks it’s something to do with the stolen protomolecule stolen from Fred Johnson.
  • Monica presses Avasarala on plans. But Avasarala commissions a project to Monica that sounds like propaganda. Monica doesn’t want to exploit the media, but Avasarala wants her to tell the truth; the lives lost and the sacrifices.

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