Elite Short Stories 2: Samuel Omar review – very much like the actual series

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 21, 2021 (Last updated: November 10, 2023)
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Netflix Elite Short Stories 2: Samuel Omar


With the name, it’s pretty much a given that Elite Short Stories 2: Samuel Omar will be short. Even so, this will have its fans wanting more!

This review of Netflix’s Elite Short Stories 2: Samuel Omar does not contain spoilers.

The biggest compliment to this is that it’s very much like an episode of Elite! Which, of course, it is, but as you may be aware from the previous versions of Elite Short Stories, each entry has a different feel and vibe that can differ significantly from what audiences would expect from a normal episode of Elite.

Keeping in line with the character of Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), he remains as moany and downbeat as ever. Sure, he has a few laughs here and there, but overall he is still quite miserable. As for Omar (Omar Ayuso), he, much like in the main series, is more of a supporting character than a lead. There’s little story development for Omar in the short story, and honestly, he could have been replaced with any of the other supporting/lead characters of Elite. (P.S. is anyone else surprised that Omar has survived this long in Elite whilst other more developed characters such as Lu and Polo are long gone?) Even with that in mind, Itzan Escamilla and Omar Ayuso are a delight to see on screen. As are Claudia Salas (Rebeka) and Georgina Amorós (Caye), when they make a brief appearance.

In terms of the story of Elite Short Stories 2: Samuel Omar, it’s clear Elite! It’s fun, sexy, quirky, and places the characters in desperate situations. As a side note, there may also be more nudity in the three mini-episodes, namely the second episode, of Elite Short Stories 2: Samuel Omar than in the history of Elite. So if that is your thing, you may enjoy it just a little bit more!

Elite Short Stories 2: Samuel Omar is overall very enjoyable. It may have a predictable ending, but it’s enough to entertain lovers of Elite. As for now, this is the best entry of the second catalogue of Elite Short Stories. It remains to be seen if this is the best addition to the second season of Elite Short Stories, but it’s a good contender.

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