Who died in The Silent Sea season 1?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2021 (Last updated: October 27, 2022)
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Who died in the K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1 - Netflix k-drama series

This article, “Who died in The Silent Sea season 1” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix K-Drama series.

What happens when you mix sci-fi, a mystery, and horror in space? That’s right, deaths, and season 1 of The Silent Sea definitely has a worthy casualty list. Here is a breakdown of everyone who died in the series who is a main character. If we missed anyone, please comment below.

Who died in the K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1?

Mr. Hwang

Poor Mr. Hwang didn’t even make it to the research station before dying, though he has visited it before so he wasn’t missing out on much. Due to the crew’s ship crashing on the moon, Mr. Hwang sustains injuries, and unfortunately, while walking on the moon’s surface, he dies. He does try and warn the crew about the station before he says his last words, but no one really catches on to what he’s trying to say.

Lee Gisu

Crew member Lee Gisu is the first character we witness get killed by the alleged intruder on the ship. He is choked in the air before landing on the floor to his death. The spinal injuries kill him pretty easily and it spooks the rest of the crew.

Gong Soochan

Gong Soochan is the first character we see die from being infected on the research station. After being exposed to the lunar water, he dies a terrible death by endlessly vomiting water until he can vomit no more. Gong Soochan’s death sparks an investigation into what caused his infection and leads the characters to a world of conspiracies.


E2 had a torrid time. Firstly, he was badly injured by the intruder, and then he was killed by the mole on the ship. When Ryu Taesuk suspects that E2 is on his case while stealing the samples, he shoots him square in the chest.

Kim Sun

Another character who also died from the infection after a violent altercation with Ryu Taesuk. He tried his best to survive, taking a few gunshot wounds, but vomiting endlessly was the last straw for Kim Sun.

Ryu Taesuk

This character had everything coming to him in the end. After betraying his crew and trying to stop them from escaping with the sample, he ends up getting infected. He attempts to stop the crew one last time while dying, but Chief Gong shoots him so he falls on the floor, and he soon vomits endless lunar water until he dies.

Chief Gong

Unfortunately, after shooting Ryu Taesuk, he also gets shot in return, and before they are rescued, he dies from the bullet wound. He was so close to surviving the cursed station, but he runs out of lives near the end.

Han Yunjae

Probably the most honorable death. Realizing that the lunar water would shroud Doc Hong, Luna, and Song Jian, he decides to enter another room and depressurize the air to make the water go solid, thus making it easier for his crew members to escape. Han Yunjae was a flawed character, but he made up for it near the end.

And that’s it for the main characters. There were many deaths in this series, serving a worthy casualty list.

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