The Silent Sea season 1 – what is the sample on Belhae Research station?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2021
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What is the sample on Belhae Research station in The Silent Sea season 1 - Netflix k-drama series

This article, “what is the sample on Belhae Research station,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Silent Sea season 1.

When Director Choi sends a crew to the Belhae Research station on the moon, it was perplexing for the viewers and the characters that she did not know what the sample was. It was apparent that she was lying, which makes it even more frustrating for the viewer. The sample is classified information, and it opens up a whole host of conspiracies as the series progresses. There’s a reason Director Choi does not want to expose the ultimate secret, and we soon find out in later episodes. 

What is the sample on Belhae Research station in The Silent Sea season 1?

The sample(s) is lunar water. With earth suffering from limited water supplies, Director Choi and her organization believe lunar water can be their saving grace for humanity. She thinks it’s the only way to remove classifications amount the human race and bring back infinite water. 

But, the lunar water is not like regular water. It has properties that infect the host, and once in their system, the water keeps on multiplying, forcing them to endlessly vomit until they die. Director Choi believes they can find a way to stop the water from doing this, and if they do, humanity will be saved.

Water being the enemy reminds viewers of the Netflix series The Rain, whereby a natural and straightforward element becomes the threat to humanity. Lunar water is the threat, and there are plenty of moral compasses on display with the characters as they navigate their true feelings on the project. Lunar water demonstrates how desperate humanity will be if they become scarce if resources like this. Director Choi lied about the research station having a radioactive leak. The lunar water killed all the occupants on the research station five years ago. It’s been a cover-up ever since.

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