The Silent Sea season 1 – who is the intruder/creature/monster?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2021
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Who is the intruder/creature/monster in the K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1 - netflix k-drama series

This article, “who is the intruder/creature/monster,” contains spoilers for Netflix’s The Silent Sea season 1.

Not only do the crew members on Belhae Research station have to stop getting infected by the lunar water, but they also have to try and not be killed by this monster/creature, labeled “intruder.” It’s a mystery for a few episodes as Han Yunjae and his crew keep trying to track it down to either capture or kill whatever it is. The intruder adds to the horror angle of the sci-fi mystery, bringing plenty of tense moments. It’s difficult for the viewer to determine who is attacking them until it’s clear.

Who is the intruder/creature/monster in the K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1?

It turns out that the intruder is not a monster or a creature. It’s a young girl. The crew learns that this young girl has a keen interest in the lunar water. Interestingly, the lunar water has had a different impact on her, allowing her to heal quickly and providing her with vital physical attributes. Due to this, it’s challenging to track and capture her, and she remains a threat throughout the story.

The young girl (later named Luna) becomes a symbol of humanity in the story. It makes the crew members question whether they should kill her or not. Song Jian warms to the young girl, insisting that they should not threaten her but help her.

Ironically, the young girl holds all the secrets to what’s happened on this station and why she became who she is. The dark secrets become a pivotal twist in the story. She’s an important character and not just some monster lurking in the shadows, ready to kill people. The way the character is played and presented is exemplary as she manages to crawl up the walls, show plenty of strength and sprint off as much she pleases.

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