Mythomaniac season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 29, 2021
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Mythomaniac season 2, episode 6 recap - the ending explained


Mythomaniac‘s second season finale doesn’t provide complete closure, but it does manage to come full circle and bow out with a note of truth and finality.

This recap of Mythomaniac season 2, episode 6, contains spoilers, including a discussion of the Mythomaniac Season 2 ending. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words.

Time heals all, or so the expression goes, but the Mythomaniac Season 2 finale wants to argue that the process isn’t as simplistic as advertised. And it has a pretty good point. Taking place far removed from even the events of the premiere, which found the focal family still reeling from the repercussions of Elvira’s betrayal, the final episode finds everyone seemingly in a much healthier spot — well, everyone except Nonno, that is, and everyone getting together for his funeral is where the seams begin to show in these various new dynamics.

Mythomaniac season 2, episode 6 recap

There is no love lost between Elvira and Sandrine, for instance, and the latter is quick to remind her new husband that her father is his father-in-law now, not Nonno. It’s a bizarre thing to point out at a funeral, but then again perhaps it’s a bit bizarre to still be taking the death of your ex-wife’s father so badly.

The funeral isn’t exactly a roaring success — it’s awkward and a bit strange, but then again most of the show has been. But it serves its purpose of lacing the entire finale with melancholy and giving Elvira the responsibility of deciding what to do with Nonno’s ashes. Sam proposes he and Virginie keep the urn on alternate weeks, “like we do with dad and mom”. Grief is a complicated process.

This becomes an obvious theme, and it’s a welcome one. Virginie feels bad about being so excited for her upcoming party that she can’t bring herself to feel bad for Nonno; Patrick tells her that sometimes the pain of loss takes years to be felt. There’s the matter of the bill to consider, putting a clear financial cost on celestial burials. People rarely talk about that kind of thing, that it costs money to bury a loved one.

Death usually tends to bring new beginnings — rebirth, if you like. Sam’s predicament isn’t related to Nonno’s loss, but it feels of a piece with it thematically. Renan, as obnoxious and insufferable as ever, proposes they live together in Paris, that Sam gives up their food truck work and plans for school in Germany to wait for his novel to be published. Renan’s awful, and clearly looking for a way to live out his own fantasy at the expense of Sam’s future.

I’m reminded of HBO’s recent remake of Scenes From a Marriage in the scenes shared between Elvira and Patrick. Time is a great healer, granted, but there are some deep-rooted feelings and connections that don’t erode with time. Carole doesn’t seem particularly surprised to catch them dancing and almost kissing when Elvira calls by Virginie’s party to pick up Nonno’s ashes. The party’s a bust, anyway, since Virginie and her friends all try to simulate champagne by drinking yellow tap water with tablets crushed up in it, and all end up poisoned.

Mythomaniac Season 2 ending

Also just like Scenes From a Marriage, Patrick and Elvira later meet up for a sexual liaison, which is believably awkward and a little tender, and in the process, Elvira ignores another of Lorenzo’s calls. Speaking of Lorenzo, there’s a pretty big revelation about his parentage, which Elvira shares with Patrick. She explains how she was in love with his father, but all his father wanted her for was sex. One night, in the empty villa they were squatting in, he raped her, and in response, she pushed him into a pool covered by a tarpaulin. He got tangled up in it and drowned, and she watched him die. Elvira has obviously lived with this truth a long time, and Patrick is somewhat inspired by it. He calls Elvira later and tells her it’s time to stop all the lies, visits Minh Tri and tells him he’s his father, and starts sending Elvira soppy text messages.

Little is resolved here. Virginie ends the episode crying in Patrick’s arms. Carole joins the hierarchy as a crew member in order to pay off the celestial grave debt after Nonno’s funeral. Sam ends up with Renan. But, it’s at least implied that Elvira, on Patrick’s advice, goes to meet with Lorenzo and tell him the truth, as he’s expecting his own child. A series that began with a lie ends, hopefully, with the truth.

You can stream Mythomaniac season 2, episode 6 exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts about the Mythomaniac Season 2 ending? Let us know in the comments.

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