You season 3, episode 9 recap – “Red Flag”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: October 15, 2021 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix You season 3, episode 9 - Red Flag


With Sherry and Cary still managing to cause trouble whilst locked in The Box, is it just a matter of time before Joe and Love have to kill them? Time will tell.

This recap of Netflix’s You season 3, episode 9, “Red Flag,” contains spoilers.

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You season 3, episode 9 recap

As Sherry and Cary remain trapped in The Box, Matthew studies security footage and wonders whether the last moments of Natalie are actually Love in disguise, whilst, Theo tells Love that Matthew is studying footage of her and Joe. With other things on his mind (i.e Marienne), Joe meanwhile searches for Marienne, finding her outside a liquor store. But he need not worry; Marieanne hasn’t drunk anything. They go on to have sex, with Love attempting to contact Joe. Attempting to maintain the situation with Sherry and Cary, Love goes into Sherry’s phone and checks in with her fans, claiming that Sherry is away making placenta tea.

Finally returning to Love, Joe learns that she has dealt with the situation. This means that after learning that Matthew hacks in security cameras, Love has used Sherry’s blog to expose him before using it to claim Sherry and Cary are not hiding in an unknown location. Clever work Love. Therefore, Matthew has brought his legal team and Jean in. And whilst he shares his theory that it isn’t Natalie in the CCTV footage, he destroys the footage to protect himself.

Growing frustrated with Sherry and Cray, Love places a gun in The Box. She says that if one shoots the other, the one left standing will survive. Hoping to help Marienne, Joe stalks Ryan with the hope of killing him and making it look like an overdose. But Joe ends up getting caught by Ryan, and it all goes wrong. So what does Joe do? Well, he pushes Ryan off the car park. But he isn’t dead (yet). Joe rushes down, hoping no one finds him first. They don’t! And so Joe stabs him to death.

After spotting Joe watching Natalie on the CCTV footage, Theo assumes that Love is in danger. He attempts but fails to reach her, so he goes to the bakery, while down in the Box, Cary tries to shoot the lock. The problem for him is that the bullet goes through Sherry’s ear. Just as she turns the gun on Cary, Theo finds them!

The ending

Sherry and Cary tell Theo that Love is the one that killed Natalie. So he tries to find a way to release them, but unfortunately, Love interrupts him. “I know it’s not true what the Conrads said,” Theo says. Whether he actually believes what he is saying is another story, though. Love claims that she will let Sherry and Cary out the second that Theo leaves. But of course, she’s lying, and she wacks Theo over the head, causing him to fall down the stairs. Is he dead?

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