Ozark season 4 – who is Kerry Stone?

January 21, 2022
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This article, “who is Kerry Stone,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Ozark season 4.

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Remember in season 3 when the casino built by the Byrde family was enjoyed by high rollers? In season 4, Ruth and Wyatt have a new idea to sell their heroin, which Darlene heavily opposes. They want to create a “hipster” market by rebranding their heroin as the purest and the best. So pure you can sniff it. They are confident that selling it this way can charge more and bring higher profits. All this is brought on by the pressure of a changing landscape due to a dismantling distribution network. They either sell to a new market, or they don’t have a business at all.

Who is Kerry Stone in Ozark season 4?

Kerry Stone is one of the high rollers that Ruth remembers from the casino. Kerry owns a flashy restaurant in the city, and he loves to dabble in gambling and drugs. Ruth decides to approach Kerry to kick-start this hipster market. She gives him a sample, and he’s impressed by how pure it is. The hipster market is open with refined, sniff-worthy heroin.


However, it all goes wrong for Kerry Stone (and subsequently Ruth). While enjoying the casino with Ruth, Kerry sniffs too much heroin and overdoses on the casino floor. After Ruth saves him and covers up the ordeal, Kerry is shaken by his near-death experience. He decides that he’s too young to die, and he closes the partnership with Ruth. The hipster market passes as quickly as it was launched, and once again, Darlene’s supply is short in demand.

Whether or not Kerry Stone will re-emerge in part 2 of season 4 is another question. Still, he was certainly an exciting and pivotal character for Ruth, which ultimately led to another one of her downfalls. 

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