Ozark season 4 – who is Clare Shaw?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 21, 2022
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Who is Clare Shaw in Ozark season 4 - netflix seres

This article, ” who is Clare Shaw,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Ozark season 4.

Read the review of part 1 of season 4 of Ozark. 

One of the most interesting aspects of season 3 was Wendy’s growth as a character. She has this ideology of life after crime and involving the family in politics using a charitable foundation. Ironically, the foundation is involved in crime, and even the politics is toxic and corrupt. Wendy is a walking contradiction, spurred on by her husband, Marty. They cannot see the ironies in their actions.

Throughout season 4, part 1, Wendy needs money to build her foundation and have a strong influence in politics. That means having board members of highly influential politicians. Her foundation claims to deal with the opioid epidemic crisis and vows to build rehabilitation centers.

However, money is a huge problem in this game, so her lawyer and political advisor, Jim, advises that she meets with Shaw Medical Solutions.

Who is Clare Shaw in Ozark season 4?

Clare Shaw is the CEO of Shaw Medical Solutions in Ozark season 4. She has taken over the company after her father has been involved in corrupt practices that nearly brought the entire company down. She grounds herself in ethics and sells this stance to the media.

Wendy has a meeting with Clare Shaw and asks for a partnership between Shaw Medical Solutions and the Byrde Foundation; Wendy pitches her political landscape and how she wants a better world for pharmaceutical companies and to properly handle the opioid epidemic with proper facilities and rehabilitation centers. She uses her brother as an example, claiming he was a drug addict (this is a lie).

Clare Shaw initially declined the funded partnership. However, Wendy introduces Clare to Marty, who gives her a gloomy overview of her company’s finances. He proposes that they offer her raw materials to make her pharmaceutical drugs (using drug dealer supplies), which will save her $300 million, and $150 million of that will fund the Byrde Foundation. It’s an offer that Clare cannot refuse, given it will save her family company.

Clare spends the rest of part 1 of season 4 fretting about this new deal, knowing it’s illegal, but Wendy reminds her that she’s saving jobs and lives by having this partnership. Clare’s moral compass is routinely challenged, but she’s as much as a contradiction as Wendy in many ways. There are many ways to be a criminal, after all.

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