Ozark season 4 – what deal does Omar Navarro want with the FBI?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 21, 2022
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What deal does Omar Navarro want with the FBI in Ozark season 4 - netflix series

This article, “what deal does Omar Navarro want with the FBI,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Ozark season 4.

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After that shocking ending in season 3, Marty and Wendy were in for another shock. Omar no longer wants to be the head of the cartel. He wants a free, happy life where he can appreciate his family. This is quite an audacious statement from the cartel lord, who is responsible for thousands of deaths and bringing millions of illegal drugs in the streets. But, with Omar Navarro being a psychotic narcissist, he cannot see the madness and irony from what he would now like in this stage of his life.

Omar Navarro wants a deal with the FBI, and he asks Marty and Wendy to facilitate that.

What deal does Omar Navarro want with the FBI in Ozark season 4?

Omar Navarro wants two things; freedom of movement between the USA and Mexico and free from prosecution. Basically, he wants to be a free man and have the ability to move wherever he wants. Of course, when Marty and Wendy bring this to Agent Maya Miller, she is aghast that the crime lord would even ask for that. She tells the Byrde family that if Omar wants them two things, he’ll need to give the FBI something valuable.


And so, Omar attempts to sweeten the FBI with information by revealing weapon shipment routes they can seize. Javi, his nephew, is entirely unaware that his uncle is trying to make a deal with the FBI, so he believes a mole is bringing down their supply lorries.

Eventually, Omar Navarro gets an audience with the FBI, who offers him a deal — he must remain as the head of the cartel for five more years and provide them with intel. After five years, he’ll be free. Omar accepts, but unfortunately, Maya Miller goes rogue and uses the police authorities to arrest him.

As season 4, part 1 ends, Marty and Wendy convince Javi to agree to the same deal with the FBI, which will allow Omar Navarro to be extradited to Mexico. It doesn’t go as entirely as planned for the head of the cartel, leaving much to be questioned for part 2.

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