Ozark season 4 – will Ruth kill Omar’s nephew Javi?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 21, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Will Ruth kill Omars nephew Javi in Ozark season 4 - netflix series

This article, “will Ruth kill Omar’s nephew Javi,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Ozark season 4.

Read the review of part 1 of season 4 of Ozark. 

At the end of season 4, part 1, Ruth faces her most formidable challenge yet, and most emotional. She finds Wyatt and his newlywed wife Darlene murdered in their own home. The emotions that this brings are paramount to the series. We all have a soft spot for Ruth, and seeing her lose a family member is hard to watch. She doesn’t have much family as it is. The character is enraged, inconsolable and she has revenge etched on her eyes. Initially, she believes Frank Junior killed her cousin and his wife, but he’s adamant that he was not involved. The tears soak on her face as she comes to terms with what has happened.

So, Ruth heads to the Byrde family home, and she demands to know who killed her cousin as she wields a shotgun in their sight. Eventually, Jonah reveals that Omar Navarro’s cousin Javi killed them, which has ramifications of its own.

Will Ruth kill Omar’s nephew Javi in Ozark season 4?

As part 1 ends, Ruth is uncontrollable, unable to manage this untapped rage. She wants to kill Javi. Wendy Byrde tells her that Javi is now working with the FBI, so she cannot touch him. However, Ruth does not give a s**t about formalities, and rightfully so, and she drives off, presumably to kill him.

But will she kill him? There are many factors to this scenario that will make part 2 juicy. Here are the scenarios:

  • Ruth will confront Javi, but by the time she sees him, she’ll have calmed down. Javi will explain that he told Wyatt and Darlene to stop selling heroin, and they continued to do so. He’ll also explain that he works for the FBI.
  • Ruth will confront Javi and just kill him. This feels too simple and unlikely.
  • Javi will kill Ruth. While this will break the hearts of many, it’s not totally out of the question considering Javi is trigger-happy after all. 
  • One of the Byrde family members stops Ruth from killing Javi. This seems like a likely scenario considering they have a vested interest in keeping Javi alive.
  • Someone else kills Javi. This also seems likely considering that Javi makes enemies very quickly.
  • Ruth kills Javi eventually. This would be more appropriate that eventually, Ruth kills Javi when she has a good chance, rather than in rage.

Regardless, this sets up plenty of possibilities for part 2. We can only hope that Ruth gets her revenge, and she lives happily ever after. Though, we doubt that will happen in Ozark.

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