Ozark season 3, episode 10 recap – what happened in “All In”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 27, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix Series Ozark season 3, episode 10 - All In


Ozark Season 3, Episode 10, “All In” is an explosive finale with an explosive ending, as things change forever for the Byrdes.

This recap of Netflix Series Ozark season 3, episode 10, “All In” contains significant spoilers.

You just pray that after this enthralling finale, the writers manage to produce an equally good Season 4.

Ozark Season 3, Episode 10, “All In” opens up with a distraught and traumatized Wendy parked up in Warner Mart — she grabs a bottle of vodka and shots it continuously in the car. Marty and an emotional Ruth meet Nelson to get Ben’s body. Marty tells Ruth not to go after Nelson or Helen because they cannot lose her as well. Marty incinerates Ben and gets his ashes; he tells Ruth that Ben called Helen and slipped up.

We know that isn’t true.

Wendy continues to drink in her car and does not want to tell Marty where she is. Marty tells Wendy that whenever she’s ready she can come home and confirms he has Ben’s ashes.

Helen rings Navarro and offers her condolences regarding his murdered girlfriend. Navarro says they are losing the war and wants Helen to take his children to America for safety. He also wants Helen to split his assets across all his children. Helen states she also wants to take over Byrde Enterprises, just in case they turn erratic. She submits for a casino license because she does not believe Marty and Wendy will own the casino for long.

An emotional Ruth speaks to Wyatt about what happened to Ben — “I’m so f***ing tired, Wyatt”. Wyatt thinks Ruth should be asking the questions about Ben’s death and not be afraid of the answers. He thinks something feels off.

Marty is annoyed at Maya, saying it was foolish of her to arrest Sam as he will be released soon with no evidence — he’s allowed to gamble. Marty tells Maya that she does not care about people anymore and she’s destroying people’s lives. He insists they should do good by people and that together they can; he states her pristine belief system is never going to happen and she will lose her career.

He’s throwing all his chips at her here.

Wendy finally returns home and the family embraces her but Jonah has other ideas and asks her what she is going to do about Helen — “She killed your brother!”. Jonah is appalled that they are forgetting about Ben before telling his mother that he hates her.

Jonah is morphing into a less innocent teenage boy with each season.

Marty and Wendy tell Helen they are committed to moving things forward peacefully. Helen reveals she needs to be a signatory in Byrde’s Enterprises to move Navarr’s assets across his children. Marty wants assurance that she doesn’t get given a casino license. She gives him her word.

But Wendy is suspicious and tells Marty that Helen is trying to kill the family. Marty feels it is time to convince Navarro of their loyalty. Wendy calls Navarro and explains why they had to get rid of her brother. Navarro coldly replies that he doesn’t need to act like he should be grateful.

Ruth then storms into the office and asks Wendy what happened with Ben. Wendy tries to explain that they were tracked after Ben made a call to Helen. But Ruth is done with the lies and asks her for the truth and accuses Wendy of murdering her own brother. Wendy bites back, stating that Ruth is to blame for getting him out of the hospital while he was unstable. Ruth calls Wendy a coward, saying she did the exact same thing with her father — avoided the blame.

Ruth looks at Wendy and Marty and tells that she quits and is f***ing done. This time I believe her. Ben was evidently her first love.

At the halfway point of Ozark Season 3, Episode 10, “All In”, Wendy gets into bed and tells Marty she cannot do this anymore. The conversation with Ruth has put her in a state of depression and she cannot fathom how this nightmare can end. She’s worried that everything she has done is for nothing. Marty keeps talking to her soothingly, asking her to get out of bed. He then says their future is determined by assuring Navarro’s security, so they need to do that.

It goes to show that when all the chips are down, their marriage remains strong and “All In” proves that.

Ruth marches to Helen and tells her she quits “Marty and Wendy” and that she has no beef with her, that she isn’t a rat but she’s done. Helen asks if Wendy and Marty are out of the picture, will she work for her.

In a strange turning point, Darlene confronts Frank Jr with a shotgun and points it at his p***s. She shoots him straight in the genitals for what he did to Ruth.

Wendy then finds out from Jim that Helen has applied for a casino license. Wendy insists now that they have to find a way of being more valuable than her to Navarro. Wendy suggests to Marty that they end the war for him — if a Mexican cartel enters US soil, the government can send in troops to the Lagunas cartel — the same cartel that took out Frank’s men for the drop-off. She tells Marty they should tell Maya immediately. Charlotte then reveals that Jonah has drone footage, so he can prove the Lagunas cartel was in America.

Wendy then rings Navarro and tells him that the FBI is on board with them to push the military against the Lagunas cartel — I’m not sure this was true at this stage. Wendy has one request for Navarro; if they help end this war, she wants Helen out of the Enterprise. Navarro puts the phone down. Meanwhile, Helen goes to Evans, claiming that Marty has tried to enter a witness protection program with Marty and she wants a copy of Marty’s confession.

Marty gives Maya evidence of laundering within the Lagunas cartel and offers the drone footage. Maya asks if she will see Ruth on the footage and says she will think about doing something on the evidence. Marty says if she doesn’t share this evidence, she will be fired and if it isn’t acted on immediately, his family will get killed.

He seems to have Maya in a tough spot in “All In”

Darlene tells Ruth that she shot Frank Jr’s p***s and has a proposition. She wants Ruth to work for her and she can grow the business with Wyatt. In this scene, Darlene shows her determination to keep the businesses for local people. She’s been lurking in the dark for a while.

Darlene then confronts Frank Cosgrove. She tells Frank that Ruth had nothing to do with what happened to his son. She then hints that she wants someone to deal with the distribution of her heroin and help build opioid recovery centers. Later on, Wyatt asks Ruth what she thinks of the new crop field — she thinks it looks beautiful.

Darlene has clearly had time to think about her next business moves.

In a breakthrough moment, Navarro wants Wendy and Marty to come to see the baptism of his son. Helen will also be taking his children back. Meanwhile, Jonah approaches Helen with a shotgun. A frightened Helen tells Jonah that his future will be over if he pulls the trigger. She also admits to getting Ben killed, but also that his mother okayed Ben’s murder. Helen repeatedly says sorry but also says none of it changes the truth. Helen gets up and Jonah looks shocked by what he’s just heard. Jonah returns to the house with the shotgun. He sees Ben’s ashes and starts crying. He turns around suddenly and shoots at the window.

As Wendy, Marty and Helen are about to board a jet to Mexico, Maya rings Marty and wonders why he is taking witness protection; Marty is irked by this, claiming that isn’t true. Maya begs Marty not to get on the jet if it is going to Mexico, fearing for his life. But Wendy and Marty get on the jet anyway

Ozark Season 3, Episode 10, “All In” closes with Wendy and Marty in Mexico. Navarro’s children are returned to him. And then shockingly, as he greets Marty and Wendy, Helen is shot point-blank in the head by one of Navarro’s men. Navarro hugs Wendy and Marty; it’s a strange scene seeing blood splattered on their shocked faces as they are embraced by the drug lord. Navarro says, “Today, well today is a new beginning”.

Looks like Season 4 will see Marty and Wendy having a direct relationship with the man at the top.

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