Ozark season 3, episode 9 recap – what happened in “Fire Pink”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 27, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix Series Ozark season 3, episode 9 - Fire Pink


Ozark Season 3, Episode 9, “Fire Pink” is painfully tense, keeping you on the edge, with consequences reaching the surface in a defining chapter.

This recap of Netflix Series Ozark season 3, episode 9, “Fire Pink” contains significant spoilers.

I knew the introduction of Ben was going to have an impact, but I was not prepared for this. Usually, when a reoccurring series introduces a character when the story is well embedded, it can go either way in terms of suitability. If anything, Ben is integral to Season 3 and that is a credit to the performance of Tom Pelphrey.

Ozark Season 3, Episode 9, “Fire Pink” opens up with Ben ranting at the back of a taxi, explaining what happened in the Ozarks is wrong; he continues to rant without any aim in what he is saying — he delves into random events; his father, who he is, killing a child on a scooter. He confesses that he worries too much and goes deep into a person’s s***. He then asks the taxi driver how his day has gone.

Ben has a crusader element about him, and in a way he is right, but while off his meds, he is clearly a liability.

Marty approaches Ruth and tries convincing her that Ben needs help and that he is sick. Ben arrives in his taxi, walks up to Ruth and kisses her. Ben tells Marty that he spoke to Helen and Erin and told them that he does not get to commit him to the hospital — he also reveals that he told Erin about the drug cartel. Ruth instantly grabs a gun and asks Ben to get into the car.

S*** is about to go down.

Meanwhile, Helen speaks to Wendy and acts like she knows nothing about Ben, only that he’s been released in the hospital. Marty rings Wendy while she is with Helen and reveals that Ben approached Helen and Erin and told her daughter everything. Wendy has to act normal on the phone as Helen is clearly pretending that nothing has happened.

As for the kids; Erin approaches Charlotte and Jonah and tells them what their uncle Ben had said to her. Charlotte gives it all up, telling Erin not to tell anyone. Meanwhile, Ruth insists that Ben has to leave the country while he hides out at Darlene’s house. Nelson is after him as per Helen’s orders.

At the Byrde household, Helen tells Wendy and Mary to drop the act and she asks where Ben is. Helen is furious because Erin does not believe her over Ben. Wendy explains she will get Ben out of the country. Erin walks into the house and calls her mother a liar. Wendy tries to convince Erin that they aren’t criminals, but it is too late, the damage is done. Erin walks out crying saying she is going to go back home. Marty tells Helen they will fix all this, but Helen coldly states she needs to fix all the vulnerabilities.

In the aftermath, Marty wants a moment with Wendy but Charlotte and Jonah want to join the conversation. Jonah offers to help Ben and Ruth and then wonders if they can start a new life again with all the money he’s gathered up. Wendy has an idea; she says they need Navarro to know that they are more valuable than Helen.

At the casino, Marty tells Sam to keep losing money at the casino, even though Maya Milla is watching over him. Ben enters the casino and Marty panics as he sees the CCTV and sees Nelson entering as well. Marty approaches Ben and Ruth and tells Ben to leave with him immediately as Nelson is downstairs. Ruth tells Ben to follow Marty and confesses to being in love with him too. Marty takes Ben on a speed boat and drives away.

This episode does not slow the pace at all.

Ben asks Marty to give him a chance to make this right. Marty tells Ben that he made a decision a few years ago and it has since made a difficult situation on his family that he’s regretted ever since. Marty explains that the cartel will have the entire family killed, which is why he needs to protect him.

Wendy picks Ben up to take him to Kansas City in “Fire Pink”. In a parking lot eating a burger, Ben apologizes for ruining her party and that he thinks Wendy should have stayed in politics. Wendy asks Ben where can she take him so he can get better — Ben breaks down. Both siblings end up having a laugh in the car, claiming Helen isn’t smarter than Wendy.

Wendy falls asleep in the car so Ben sneaks out. The next day, the officers come to her car and ask if her brother is in danger from a man named Navarro. Luckily, Wendy manages to get the police to leave them alone and she gets mad at Ben and tells him to not interfere or talk for the rest of the trip.

Meanwhile while Wendy and Ben are on a road trip, Helen tells Marty that his brother is a liability for the organization and that there is no room for mental health issues. Helen also explains that Erin will not trust her again now. Marty states Erin will trust her again, his children did. Helen coldly says “regardless, you know how this has to go”.

Ben then foolishly rings Helen and tells her he is sorry and that he wants to fix this but also stating that the hospital is a bad place. Wendy catches Ben on the phone and puts it down and snaps it in half. Ben insists he is trying to fix it. Wendy shouts at Ben, stating it isn’t a game, it’s real.

Now the time for games is over; Helen asks Marty to tell her where Ben is. Marty rings Wendy and she’s in hysterics that Ben is not getting the situation and she’s struggling to fix it. Wendy and Marty tell each other that they love each other — they both feel helpless. When Wendy returns to the car, Ben is crying and slapping himself in the car. Wendy comforts him and asks where can she take him — “You gotta help me”. Ben sobs and says Knoxville — he apparently knows a few people there and he can lay low.

There is slight good news in Ozark Season 3, Episode 9, “Fire Pink”Maya rings Marty and is angry that his receipts are up at the casino by 19% which means her warrant gets extended — Marty did it on purpose. Maya calls him a game player and that they are not going to be friends.

Wendy and Ben stop at another shop on the road. Ben heads into the toilet and then buys a few things. Wendy heads into the store and he sees that Ben has bought another phone. This is a defining moment that is well directed and performed — at this moment as she watches her brother get into the car looking all innocent, she knows it is over. Wendy knew at this moment she could not stop Ben, and his actions will likely lead to the death of other family members.

Wendy’s realization is a soul-destroying moment.

As we reach near the end, Wendy and Ben go to a diner. Ben tells Wendy that the pancakes remind him of a cafe on Fire Pink road and the siblings reminisce. Wendy looks at Ben with sad eyes and asks what he wants in 5 years’ time. Ben says he wants Ruth, dogs, a house, a garden, and a job — he lists very simple things. Wendy chokes up, saying it all sounds nice. Wendy stands up and says she will be right back and as she leaves, she looks at him through the window. She starts the engine to the car and drives off, leaving Ben at the cafe.

Ozark Season 3, Episode 9, “Fire Pink” ends in tragic circumstances giving you a lump in your throat. Wendy calls Marty crying uncontrollably, telling him she doesn’t know what to do — Marty keeps on trying to calm her down, using soothing words and asking her to pull over. As she sobs, Nelson parks up at the diner and walks towards Ben who is now outside looking for Wendy. Marty asks Wendy to take deep breaths as she screams and cries as presumably Ben is killed.

What an impact Ben had on the story.

Sherrif’s Diary

  • Wyatt says he’s in love with Darlene and suggests Ruth is in love with Ben. They both laugh.
  • Ben says he has made a mistake and wonders if he should call Helen. Wyatt says Ben should stay and that he shouldn’t worry.
  • Ruth tells Nelson that Ben is not here and asks if her father suffered when he shot him

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