Ozark season 4 – who is Omar Navarro’s nephew Javi?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 21, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Who is Omar Navarros nephew Javi in Ozark season 4 - netflix series

This article, ” who is Omar Navarro’s nephew Javi,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Ozark season 4.

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When Helen had her brains blown out, we believed Wendy and Marty would have a direct line to Omar and Omar only. We also didn’t expect Omar to want to make a deal with the FBI. So with that brings a character to the surface that the Byrde family has to deal with.

Who is Omar Navarro’s nephew Javi in Ozark season 4?

It appears there are two sides to the Navarro family, and Javi is the strongest member under Omar. If you thought Omar was unpredictable, psychotic and erratic, then Javi (Javier Emilio Elizondro) is a whole different breed. Have you ever been out drinking with that friend, and you get nervous about what they are about to do next? Javi is that person but on a violent, hellish scale.

Javi also does not trust Marty and Wendy, and he makes that known from the start. He’s undoubtedly less mature and less calculated than his uncle Omar. There are also a couple of suggestions in part 1 that Omar respects his nephew but is also fearful of him too, and he keeps his plans away from him to make a deal with the FBI.

Marty is extremely hesitant around Javi because he can sense he’s more of a monster than Omar. It’s an interesting concept that Omar, also a psychopath, is more grounded than his nephew. It certainly brings a new dynamic in season 4.

Javi also represents that a power struggle always exists, even when flying high at the top. There’s always someone new to take your place. Omar’s nephew constantly keeps the characters on edge throughout part 1 of season 4, and he provides that shocking ending.


Javi is also responsible for a few deaths in part 1 of season 4. Firstly, he kills Sheriff Nix. The sheriff was sniffing around for Helen’s whereabouts, and with Javi having zero patience, shot him in the head.

Secondly, in shocking circumstances, Javi kills Darlene and Wyatt after they get married as he’s annoyed that they are still selling heroin in the Ozarks.

Javi is the most crucial new character in season 4 and one that the audience must be wary of.

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