Ozark season 4 – who is Sheriff Guerrero?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 21, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Who is Sheriff Guerrero in Ozark season 4 - netflix series

This article, ” who is Sheriff Guerrero,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Ozark season 4.

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At the start of season 4, part 1, we are shocked to see Sheriff Nix getting killed coldly by Omar Navarro’s nephew Javi after he questioned the whereabouts of Helen Pierce. It was a death that was so random that we barely got time to process what Javi did. However, no one even knows Nix is dead, apart from the Byrde family, which means he’s on a missing person list — a common theme at the Lakes of the Ozarks.

Who is Sheriff Guerrero in Ozark season 4?

With the town needing a replacement until “Nix is found,” a new sheriff arrives in his place. Sheriff Guerrero makes her presence known immediately with her no-bullshit approach to serving the law. Of course, she’s immediately suspicious of Nix’s disappearance, mainly because it is out of character for him to go missing for days.

The first time Darlene meets Sheriff Guerrero tells us all we need to know about the type of character she is. She’s fully aware that Nix turned a blind eye to Darlene’s ways, and she makes it clear that she can’t be bribed. This presents many issues for Darlene, who has a distribution network that relies upon specific cogs. Having Sheriff Guerrero in the way is a big problem.

Like Mel Sattem, Sheriff Guerrero is an outsider in the story looking in. She suspects there’s more than meets the eye with the Byrde family, and it is taking her a while to understand the war stretched over the Ozarks. It’s always fascinating seeing a new character come to terms with what is in front of them, and we must wonder what role the new sheriff has in part 2 of season 4.

Will Sheriff Guerrero have a pivotal role as the series ends for good? Or will she remain a minor character in the grand scheme of things? We shall find out.

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