Hellbound season 1 – who is Pastor Kim Jeongchil?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 19, 2021
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Who is Pastor Kim Jeongchil in the Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1

This article discusses who Pastor Kim Jeongchil is from the Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1 and will contain spoilers. 

When Jun Jinsun is killed, it looks like “The New Truth” is over. Who else can lead the message? However, technically, apart from Kyunghun, no one knows that Jun Jinsun is alive after the detective decided not to reveal his death. This gives the opportunity for another character to take the helm.

Who is Pastor Kim Jeongchil in the Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1?

Before Jun Jinsun had his inevitable death, he agreed for Kim Jeongchil to take over the helm for “The New Truth.” It’s almost like the “passing of the torch” moment to carry on the doctrine that he’s already spread to the world. 

Kim Jeongchil uses this as an evil opportunity rather than a change for good. Knowing that the monsters do not just go after sinners, he makes “The New Truth” into a nationwide empire, creating mobile apps and encouraging families to oust their sinners. The world is stricken with fear and intimidation, with each damnation televised for all to see. As the new Chairman, he takes advantage of the public to believe that he is carrying out God’s will.

Kim Jeongchil does not meet his demise in season 1, and it will be interesting to see how he continues in season 2. His establishment is at risk by the end of season 1 after a couple of characters expose the organization. He has plenty to do in order to change public opinion. Maybe he will be imprisoned? His fate is currently unknown at this point, which makes it ever so intriguing. 

It will be interesting if he meets his demise. He’s undoubtedly a villain and one that has changed a religious venture into an evil capitalist opportunity. Roll on the next season. 

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