Minnal Murali ending explained – Jaison’s pledge to always become the savior

December 27, 2021
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This article contains major spoilers, including for the ending of Minnal Murali. 

Netflix’s new superhero film Minnal Murali tells a story of a desi superhero rooted in the heartland of India. While other Indian superhero films missed the mark of having the desi flavour in the storyline and presentation, Minnal Murali creates an authentic and original Indian superhero without any trace of foreign invasion.

The main story starts when Jaison, a local spoiled brat of a village in Kerala, is struck by lightning. After that event, he realizes that he gained some sort of superpower, which sharpens his reflexes, enhances his hearing ability on a micro-level, and has enormous strength in the body. But, Jaison is not the only one who gains superpowers from this lightning. Shibu, another local from the village also hit by that. He gains his superpower of performing telekinesis.

But the things get to the inciting point when Shibu robs a bank to arrange money to save his love interest’s daughter. At the same moment of the robbery, Jaison engages in a brawl with the local policemen with whom he has a troubled relationship in the disguise of ‘Minnal Murali’. The next day the police conclude that Minnal Murali robs the bank and trashes them. Shibu notices that and takes that as an opportunity. He then murders Dassan, his lover’s brother, who is reluctant in the relationship between him and his sister, Usha. He uses the name of Minnal Murali to incriminate him in the crime. The police begin their hunt to nab him.

Minnal Murali ending

After subsequent events of incriminating and countering Minnal Murali’s actions, both Shibu and Jaison come to know about each other’s superpowers. Shibu tells Jaison that he will leave the village after he gets Usha and he needn’t worry about a further debacle over Minnal Murali. But at the exact moment, a hotel owner, where Shibu once worked identifies him (Shibu) as the one behind all of these. Jaison leaves that place while Shibu tackles the locals. Eventually, he also gets arrested as his brother-in-law identifies him also as Minnal Murali.

In the night, after Shibu tackles the locals, returns home. There he finds Usha with her daughter finds Shibu’s love for her. She agrees to go away from the village with him. At the exact moment, the villagers attack Shibu’s village, resulting in Usha and her daughter’s death. Heartbroken, Shibu decides to destroy the entire village. He attacks a local fair, trapping people there to kill them all. To tackle that, the police release Jaison to fight against Shibu. Jaison dresses up in his new superhero costume and after a bloody fight, he defeats Shibu.

The movie ends with Jaison telling that he is going nowhere (as he wishes to settle in America). He takes the vow to always be a savior of the people of his village, Minnal Murali.

You can stream Minnal Murali exclusively on Netflix.

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