Stand by Me Doraemon 2 ending explained – Nobita gains the maturity in life

December 27, 2021
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This article contains major spoilers, including for the ending of Stand by Me Doraemon 2.

Netflix’s new anime Stand by Me Doraemon 2 is an emotional film about growing up. A simple story with these strong human emotions, the makers added the usual science-fiction element to make it more interesting. The film shows time travel in a comprehensible way with maintaining the wit in the context of the story.

The story revolves around Nobita’s voyage to the past with Doraemon to reconnect with her deceased grandmother after a tough day of scolding from her mother. In the past, he reconnects with her grandmother. His grandmother recognizes him and tells him about her wish to see his bride. Nobita and Doraemon overwhelm with this and decides to show grandmother his bride, Shizuka over the ‘Time TV’. But as they set up that, it shows that the adult Nobita flees from the marriage place.

To handle this mess, Nobita and Doraemon travel to the future, where Doraemon uses his ‘Timekercheif’ to alter the preteen Nobita into adult form to make better the situation out of the mess. Nobita and Shizuka successfully marry each other despite having the awkwardness of the seeming adult preteen Nobita. But he gets extremely nervous at the time of giving a speech in front of family and friends. He also flees from the place with Doraemon. They understand that they need the adult Nobita to present there to clean this mess.

But as they come to the place Doraemon has left the time machine portal, it’s gone. They understand that the Adult Nobita takes that with him to flee from his era. On that basis, preteen Nobita and Doraemon are trapped in the future era. To get out of this era, Doraemon gets an idea of sending Nobita’s soul to the present-day timeline to bring the time machine back to the future using the present-day Nobita’s body. He does exactly that and both return to the present to find the adult Nobita. He flees because he is not confident about marrying Shizuka as he feels that she deserves someone better. He is very sad and guilt-ridden over what he does to Shizuka. Doraemon shows him Shizuka’s condition in the future on his time TV. It shows that after Nobita has gone, she waits for him, wishing one day he will return.

This hurts both the Nobitas and they start to blame each other. The adult Nobita wishes if he gets back the chance to become the preteen Nobita again then he can change his life for the better. Thus he can gain his confidence. Doraemon makes this possible by interchanging the two Nobita’s souls between them with one of his gadgets. With that, the adult Nobita now becomes the preteen Nobita and the preteen Nobita becomes the adult.

With that the adult Nobita now becomes confident enough to play with his peers (preteen Gian and Suneo), being confident in facing his mother and interacting with people. But, soon some thugs chase down the streets. Meanwhile, the gadget provider to Doraemon tells him that the soul-changing gadget has a flaw. If the souls are not in their exact place in one hour, they get trapped in other bodies and their memories get erased.

This leads Doraemon and Nobita to find the adult (Nobita) one. On the other side, the thugs get adult Nobita. But Shizuka comes to the rescue. The thugs get to grab Shizuka then. So, Nobita goes and fights with the thugs along with Gian and Suneo. Eventually, the thugs flee. But one hour has passed and both Nobita’s are on the verge of forgetting everything. At the right moment, they interchange their souls again and come back to their original bodies. At that moment, Shizuka tells Nobita that she loves him the way he is.

This gives adult Nobita the confidence about his marriage with Shizuka. From there, Doraemon takes both Nobitas to his birthday. There he finds how much care his parents have for him. This changes the perspective of Nobita towards his parents. Then they travel back to the future at Nobita and Shizuka’s marriage. There Nobita (adult) gives a heartwarming speech addressing his parents’ contribution to his life. That makes everyone teary even his grandmother, whom preteen Nobita and Doremon bring to show her Nobita’s bride. After all these, Nobita and Shizuka change their rings again, this time in the proper way, and vow to always be together with each other.

The story ends with Nobita bidding goodbye to his grandmother and he and Doraemon travel back to their time.

You can stream Stand by Me Doraemon 2 exclusively on Netflix.

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