Stay Close season 1, episode 6 recap – in which killers get carried away

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 31, 2021
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Stay Close season 1, episode 6 recap - in which killers get carried away


Several characters learn that one or two bad decisions are often too many, as the stakes get too high to be walked away from.

This recap of Stay Close season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

I’ve just learned, thanks to Netflix’s episode descriptions, that Goldberg’s smiley assassins are actually called Ken and Barbie, which I suppose makes sense. The sixth episode of Stay Close opens with a bit of backstory for them, to the two of them meeting as stage performers and bonding over what is obviously a shared bloodlust. As we saw at the end of the previous episode, Barbie was inside Megan’s home, confronting Kayleigh, and we pick up from there as Kayleigh is chloroformed and taken away. Perhaps they’re taking her to the dreamhouse.

Stay Close season 1, episode 6 recap 

The problem with modeling yourselves after famous fashion-based dolls is that it makes you pretty distinctive, so Megan is able to recall seeing them outside of Harry’s office and can describe what they look like. Meanwhile, Ray goes to see Fester to report what happened with Megan and begins digging into Dave, since he’s puzzled why they’re only just getting married if they’ve been together long enough for their children to become teenagers. Dave, it seems, got into a fight on a night out and claimed self-defense, and Ray suggests he might have anger issues. Perhaps he isn’t bang-average Dave after all.

Luckily, Dave is out on his stag do — bachelor party for any American readers — so Ray has the perfect opportunity to see what he gets up to.

Anyway, in the meantime, Megan describes Barbie and Ken well enough for a police sketch, which Goldberg recognizes when he returns to the office. Goldberg, it turns out, is trying to fund his daughter’s expensive musical tutelage after a divorce, which is obviously why he’s playing outside the law, but when he calls Barbie and Ken to berate them for killing Harry, we learn that the assassins are working for Del Flynn, not him. Barbie sends him a picture of Megan to see if he recognizes her, and he claims not to, despite her being sat in the other room.

While Ray ingratiates himself with Dave’s party, Broome pushes Megan about who told her they’d seen Stewart. She eventually confesses it was Lorraine after he explains about the pattern of men disappearing every Carnival weekend, never to be seen again. Lorraine isn’t bothered about the admission but invites Megan to a memorial for Harry that the girls are holding at Vipers. Broome is there too, and he and Lorraine have a moment. He also brings up why she told Ray that Cassie was dead, and she explains it was so he didn’t get any ideas. She recalls Ray’s infatuation with her as being more like an addiction than romance.

Speaking of Ray, he eventually gives himself away to Dave, and it results in them having a fight outside. Ray gets the upper hand, but it brings back more flashbacks for him, and terrified of his own recollections, he flees the scene. Still rattled, he goes to Fester and takes him to the site of his flashbacks.

We also see that Maria, Carlton’s mother, is deathly ill in hospital, and Del is spending time with her while waiting to hear from Goldberg. It turns out he hired Barbie and Ken to find Carlton, and he’s surprised to hear about the murders, which have Goldberg in a flap, but as long as Carlton turns up in the end, that’s all he cares about.

When Megan finally returns home, she finds a note from Barbie and, calling the number, learns that Kayleigh has been kidnapped by them. She’s given a discreet location to meet at, and she heads there, armed with a serrated kitchen knife. Sneaking around the property, she tries to break Kayleigh out without being discovered and actually manages it. Ken catches up just as they reach the car, but they speed away, sending Ken flying through the air. He lands head-first on a rock, presumably dead, and Megan takes Kayleigh to the police. Broome, though, isn’t there, so they find themselves in the custody of Goldberg. He locks them in what looks like an equipment room, immediately calls Barbie, and tells her he’ll let her in through the side door where there’s no CCTV.

Goldberg, though, has other ideas. He locks Barbie in a different room and when she calls him on the phone, he tells her he never agreed to any killing and he’s turning himself in. He’s garrotted from behind, though, by Ken, who evidently survived his encounter with the rock.

As the episode ends, Ray drives away from the woods with Fester, and has his clearest flashback yet, this one of a badly beaten Stewart Green in the back of his car.

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