Rebelde (2022) season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 5, 2022
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Rebelde (2022) season 1, episode 8 recap - the finale and ending explained - netflix series


Whether there will be a season 2 or not remains to be seen, but this was a sweet ending for the characters. 

This recap of Netflix’s Rebelde (2022) season 1, episode 8 — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Surprisingly, there was no last-minute twist in Rebelde, making fans wonder if there will be a continuation. Only time will tell. 

Rebelde (2022) season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

After recent events, Estaban and Jana have dropped out from the band. An angry Esteban angrily confronts Luka about his sabotaging of the band before revealing that they are brothers. Lula tells Esteban that he’s a “knock-off” and not part of the family, which bitterly ends the conversation. Esteban reveals to the principal the real music video for The Nonames and comes clean about the blackmailing.

However, despite the evidence and the revelation of the actual music video, Esteban breaks down the upsetting news that they cannot be part of The Battle of the Bands, and they’ll have to try again next year. Meanwhile, Sebastian is relieved to hear that The Nonames are still disqualified. Emilia believes their disqualification is unfair.

Feeling a sense belonging, Jana returns, and The Nonames know more about The Lodge and want to reveal everything at the final. Luka makes Sebastian aware that they also know he’s sleeping with Anita. The Nonames share the information with the principal regarding The Lodge and Anita, with evidence of sabotage.

With celebrations in order, the band are back. Esteban and Jana emotionally reunite, but Jana cannot commit to a relationship; she believes that since Esteban found his mother, no one in his life has meaning, and he’s trying to find meaning in her. She isn’t ready for a romantic burden and ends their relationship. She asks if they can be friends, and keep the band together.

The principal is told by Mr. Collucci to keep Sebastian in the competition as he’s the son of the future President of Mexico and their reputation needs to be kept intact. He makes a deal with her that can benefit everyone. The next day, it’s revealed that The Nonames can compete in the competition again but they are dismayed that Sebastian isn’t expelled, but Luka is.

The band get together to find a solution after the recent bombshell. They think it’s unfair with what’s happened to Luka.

The ending

The Battle of the Bands final arrives, and there’s hope and anticipation sewn into the writing. Emilia is acting suspicious which irks Sebastian. While one of the bands is on stage, Andi and Emilia are called to sing together. Emilia kisses Andi in front of crowd — she chooses love over her allegiance with Sebastian. Afterwards, Emilia tells Sebastian that she has quit, so he’s on his own.

But in a surprising turn of events, MJ joins Sebastian and helps out with his act. Sebastian takes the violin and MJ takes the piano and they sing together. Dixon looks on, devastated.

The Nonames finally take to the stage; Jana grabs the microphone and says the school board made a deal to keep them silent in trade for qualification for the finale; they reveal the details regarding The Lodge and then send everyone video evidence of Sebastian with the infamous frat group. With the villains of the series in dissaray, The Nonames, along with Luka, perform in the final. The crowd go wild.

Whether there will be a season 2 or not remains to be seen, but this was a sweet ending for the characters. 

Band diaries

  • MJ’s parents want to remove MJ from the school after seeing a video of her drunk and singing. She tells them to give her a chance because she’s happy.
  • Emilia asks Andi for another chance, but Andi isn’t game for that, knowing she’s still having relationship with Sebastian and his band.

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