Renewed or cancelled — will there a season 4 of Netflix’s Undercover?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 10, 2022
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Will there be a season 4 of Netflix Undercover - renewed or cancelled status

This article discusses whether there will be season 4 of the Netflix series Undercover and its renewed or cancelled status.

Undercover has been a surprise dark horse hit on Netflix. While the streaming service does not influence the production, apart from the budget given, the surprise film entry Ferry made us believe that this universe will be taken seriously. Netflix clearly likes the legs this series has, and it certainly resonates with the viewers.

Undercover season 3 brings an unlikely partnership; Ferry and Bob team up to take down drug lord Serkan and his wife, Layla. It’s another undercover job, reminding audiences of the first season with Bob enduring tense moments. Undercover reminded audiences of its roots and plays on the main characters.

Will there be a season 4 of Netflix’s Undercover – renewed or cancelled status

Status: TBC

At this moment in time, Netflix has not confirmed whether there will be a season 4 of Undercover. However, we can try to speculate on the likelihood.

It remains positive that Netflix decided to release a standalone film based on the series. Ferry is a strong indication that the streaming service wants this crime universe to stay, and the prequel did not cut corners to relay that message. However, it could be that Netflix decides to make more stories that do not involve the core while the central premise closes.

Viewing figures is not an issue as Undercover secured a third season. However, season 3 did feel conclusive. It does not feel impossible for the writers to continue the story, but the ending was telling and precise. It could be that Netflix is waiting for an audience response before securing a budget for season 4.

We would say that the likelihood of Undercover getting renewed for season 4 is 50/50, and that’s only because the story has lasted 28 episodes. While we’d never rule out a continuation, we wouldn’t be surprised or upset either way. At Ready Steady Cut, we’ll keep you updated on the renewed/cancelled status.

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