Undercover season 3, episode 8 recap – the finale/ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 10, 2022 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix Undercover season 3, episode 8 - Showdown - the finale and ending explained


Is this the end, folks? Time will tell, but this is a wholesome ending to a great series.

This recap of Netflix’s Undercover season 3, episode 8, “Showdown,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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There was no final cliffhanger in the last episode of season 3, making viewers wonder if this is the end of the Bob and Ferry show. Regardless, this was an excellent end to another tense season.

Undercover season 3, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

Episode 10 opens up with Ferry visiting Bob’s newborn baby and his wife in the hospital. The wife is asleep as Ferry carries out his desperate plans. He finds a parcel with Bob’s address on it. As for Layla; after growing concerned about her family’s safety after her husband’s attempt on her life, she’s hiding at a hotel with her children — her husband Serkan is relentlessly leaving voicemails. She rings Mehmet and asks for a favor — she doesn’t want to be on the run all her life; she wants the notebook with all the contacts in their network, but Mehmet believes it will have already been retrieved and asks her to get away as fast as she can. As for Serkan, he meets up with Ferry — in exchange for money, Ferry gives away Bob’s family address.

At home, Bob is attacked while on the phone with his wife. Mehmet has smashed him unconscious from the back of his head. When Bob wakes up, Timur stands over him. Mehmet and Timur learn that Bob is a cop, which is a massive reveal for the two henchmen. Bob tells them that he was fired as a cop because he was corrupt. However, Timur isn’t buying his story.

Mehmet rings Serkan and tells him that Bob is a cop, and he and Layla were both fooled. But then, Nick and the cops arrive and put Mehmet at gunpoint. Nick then shoots Timur after he draws his gun. Serkan hears the entire commotion on the phone; suddenly, the whole scenario has dawned on him — he has a mini panic attack, realizing that he has torn his family apart. As for his wife Leyla, she’s retrieving new passports for her family. She quickly flees after learning she’s been double-crossed by her friend.

When Bob gets to the hospital, he realizes his wife had been visited, which is why Serkan’s men knew his address. Bob tells his wife that he will ensure that they are safe. And then, Bob visits Patrick, and he tells him that he wants to convince Leyla to give up her contacts list to end it all. It will give the police the entire network of organized crime. Meanwhile, Layla is spooked to see that she’s on the Interpol Most Wanted List.

Bob rings Layla and tells her that Ferry ratted him out and that he avoided getting killed by Serkan’s men. He wants them to help each other and offers a place for her to hide with her children. He asks for her contact list when he meets her and offers her a way out. And so, Leyla rings Ferry with a fake business proposal, offering her network, and tells him it will be a lot of use to him. She asks for 100k for the purchase of information. Ferry is skeptical and initially rejects her proposal but then rings with a counteroffer — Leyla accepts.

There’s a problem, though; Leyla does not have the network list, but Bob is optimistic about retrieving it. Bob drives Leyla to the boutique — when she heads inside, he alerts the police — he doesn’t want the kids to see her being arrested. When Leyla heads inside, Serkan confronts her — he admits he did not trust her and apologizes. He states Timur blinded him and that Bob is a cop. Leyla holds her gun at Serkan, and she is in absolute disbelief. He wants to take her and the children to safety. Leyla reveals that Bob wants the contact list and that he’s nearby.

Leyla grabs her children, wanting to leave as a whole family. Bob sees this unfold and wants an ETA for the police to arrive before heading into the boutique himself. Leyla, Serkan, and the family flee to the back, and Bob does his best to stop the network list from burning entirely — Serkan had set it on fire. When Leyla, Serkan, and the family arrive outside at the back, they are surrounded by the police. Bob again faces someone he befriended — Leyla looks at Bob with an evil stare, just like Ferry did in season 1. This is becoming a regular moment in Bob’s life.

But it seems Bob’s efforts were worth it — the contact list has everything. He’s worried about the children, but Patrick assures him that it’s not his problem and he will hold his end of the bargain.

Bob sends Ferry a photo from Layla’s phone; an excerpt of the contacts list. In the middle of the night at a warehouse, Ferry believes he is meeting Leyla, but it’s a trap set up by Bob. Bob tells Ferry he should have left his family alone, but Ferry raises the irony of that statement, stating he has no family because of him and that he offered friendship initially. Ferry asks Bob to finish what he started and shoot him, but Bob raises how killing John was an accident and admits he took it too far with Danielle. Bob doesn’t want to make the same mistakes and states he cannot kill Ferry. He can’t live this life anymore. He passes Ferry the gun. Ferry is surprised, but Bob states that if he puts him in jail, this will never end — he wants it to stop “right here, right now.”

The ending

Ferry picks up the gun and points it at Bob. Bob continues his effort to agree on a truce with Ferry — he asks him to shoot him, as long as it keeps his family safe. Ferry holds the gun to Bob’s head, but he can’t go through with killing him. Instead, he knocks Bob over and kicks him a few times before throwing the gun on the floor and walking away — he tells Bob to be a good father on this occasion.

As the episode nearly ends, Bob throws his gun into the sea from a bridge. It’s reasonably possible that he’s done with this life for good. Whether or not the story will continue remains unanswered as the camera pans away, showing the sunset in the distance. As for Ferry, he heads to an old broken-down lab where drugs have been cooked, and he kneels in deep thought. Will he give up the life of crime?

Bob heads home to his happy family; the character looks content for once.

Is this the end, folks? Time will tell, but this is a wholesome ending to a great series.

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