Who died in Archive 81 season 1?

By Marc Miller
Published: January 14, 2022
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Who died in the Netflix horror series Archive 81 season 1

This article, “Who died in Archive 81 season 1” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix horror series.

The first season of Archive 81 had lots at stake. Not just if Dan could find out who killed Melody and his own family, but as it turns out, the fate of the world was in his hands as it was in Iris and Melody’s decades prior. Well, maybe not Dan, but opening up that portal may have given Samuel the sliver of hope needed for the Demon God Kaelego to make an appearance in future seasons.

Until then, let’s analyze the characters we lost in Archive 81’s inaugural season. 

Who died in the Netflix horror series Archive 81 season 1?


Talk about kicking off this list with a bang. Beatrice (played by Sol Miranda) was the medium who predicted an uncomfortable end for Melody. Except, she wasn’t very good at her job. She was most likely used as a pawn by Samuel. When Melody had Beatriz attempt to contact her birth mother during Cassandra’s dinner party, things did not go as planned. Instead, Beatriz repeats every line Melody said during her “dreams” with Dan.

At that point, Beatriz begins to scream and moan, “No!” She then takes her hands and begins to draw blood by scratching her face and clawing out her own eyes. Technically, we left her in critical condition in the hospital, but I presume she didn’t make it.


Here, Samuel took in several addicts on stardust and let them stay at The Visser to dry out. One of them was Chris, who asked Melody for the “golden ticket,” If he got one from Melody, he would tell her what was going on in that building. Before Melody could grab one from Father Russo (the ticket was a referral to a substance abuse policy), Chris met an unfortunate end.

Wen Melody accused Samuel of a series of things outside The Visser, there was a massive splat on the sidewalk behind them. Chris fell from the sixth-floor window and was killed instantly.

Cassandra Wall

The former lover of the pair that started the Spirit Reliever movement in the United States, Cassandra (The Devil All the Time’s Kristin Griffith), died during the 1994 fire at The Visser when Samuel attempted to open up a portal to the other world. 

Ellen Adair

A Baldung in 1940, she was shot and killed when she attempted to grab the seance book from Iris Vos. She was a good person and died trying to take Rose away before being shot by Iris’s brother. They used her blood during the taping of the infamous snuff film.

Father Russo

Father Russo felt that Jess didn’t suffer from seizures or epilepsy but possessed. It turns out he was almost right. Cassandra was poisoning jess with the supernatural black mold that grew in the building. Unfortunately, Melody interrupted his work, and he warned her that she should East VIllage building immediately. He met his end by being pushed onto the tracks and in front of a moving subway train.

John Smith

Samuel’s follower was the Visser’s superintendent, who initially helped Melody settle in the building. When Jess escaped, he knocked out Melody and dragged her to the mansion basement. He died in the fire when Samuel attempted to merge the worlds.

Tamara Stefano

Jess escaped, but Samuel always has a backup plan. He served up his lover Tamara (Kate Eastman) as the sacrifice during the 1994 seance that led to The Visser fire. 

The Turner Family

We found that Dan’s immediate family was killed when his father took back Melody’s tapes from a storage locker. The revelation was from Virgil, who never told Dan who was behind the killing other than their goal was to take the videos back. 


Rose was a newly hired maid who lost her entire family on the voyage to America. Iris used her loneliness against her, manipulating her into thinking she could rejoin or see her family again by taking part in the seance. Unfortunately, she was the human sacrifice, and Iris cut her throat during the ceremony on the infamous snuff film. 

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