The Royal Treatment review – a tad too silly

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 20, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)
Netflix film The Royal Treatment


A daft film that should only be watched by children. The lack of logic and silly storyline may please younger audiences, but otherwise, the rom-com narrative will be too simple for an older audience to handle.

This review of the Netflix film The Royal Treatment does not contain any spoilers.

From the title The Royal Treatment, it’s clear that there’s some form of royal presence in the movie. And much like the mobile app of the same name from Chapters – Interactive Stories, it’s silly, lacks logic, and tries desperately to be funny. Moreover, whilst there’s been no statement to say that it’s based on Chapters – Interactive Stories, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise, as in some ways it’s a carbon copy from their romance games. 

The Royal Treatment tells the story of a New York hairdresser, Izzy (Laura Marano), who is unfulfilled with her life running a hair salon. With little to no excitement, aside from the odd fire, Izzy has a glimmer of happiness when she cuts Prince Thomas’s (Mena Massoud) hair. From there on, it’s a cringy tale of how Izzy manages to get an invite to his upcoming wedding. Once in Latvia, The Royal Treatment becomes a question of whether Izzy and Prince Thomas will end up together. As a result, it’s obvious what kind of film this will be.

Whilst watching The Royal Treatment, it’ll be hard not to be irritated by the characters. Despite the situations that they’re faced with, their stupid interactions with others are annoying, to say the least. Whilst the purpose was likely to provide some laughs, it doesn’t quite do the trick. As for the storyline, it is predictable from start to finish. Above all, with a film of this sort, The Royal Treatment is far more suited to children and should not get watched by anyone over the age of 13.

Although the movie doesn’t have many highlights, one comes from its theme tune; Dance With You. Whilst it’s not the greatest tune, it does feature the vocals of the movie’s leading actress. (Laura Marano; featuring the duo Grey). It’s a nice touch, that should please the children who will watch, and possibly enjoy the movie.

In conclusion, The Royal Treatment is not for everyone. Yet, if a family-friendly film to please the children is what you’re after, the film may be ok. And as it lasts less than 90 minutes, it therefore may help keep the children entertained.

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