Ozark season 4, episode 3 recap – “City On The Make”

January 21, 2022
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Episode 3 is wonderfully written, patient, and meaningful as the story begins to gather legs.

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Episode 3 is wonderfully written, patient, and meaningful as the story begins to gather legs.

This recap of Netflix’s Ozark season 4, episode 3, “City On The Make,” contains spoilers. 

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This episode feels less tense but more ballsy, especially from Marty and Wendy’s side. The more they become strong partners to Omar, the more they feel powerful around their acquaintances. This is a whole new ball game.

Ozark season 4, episode 3 recap

At the start of episode 3, Agent Maya Millar meets Omar; the first topic of conversation is Marty Byrde and how he’s been brilliant for them on both sides. Maya makes it explicitly clear that in order for Omar to get what he wants (free from prosecution, freedom), she will need a list of things in exchange. She leaves abruptly, feeling her time is wasted. She tells Marty and Wendy that she does not want to hear from them unless Omar makes a serious offer. Omar has a different view; he asks Marty to make Maya see him immediately.

Feeling the pressure, Wendy visits Maya and uses the “motherhood” angle to relate. Maya reiterates that she needs something from Omar.

Wendy tries to make amends in episode 3; she talks to her children and recognizes that she’s put them through a lot — she offers her appreciation. Wendy has created a place to remember her brother Ben, but Jonah is not complying with the situation. In response, Wendy shuts off the power in the house so Jonah cannot use his computers to launder money for Ruth. To make matters worse, Jonah moves his operation with Ruth’s help.

Wendy returns home to see Jonah and Ruth moving the laundering system, and she becomes erratic, blaming Ruth for what happened with Ben — she’s emotionally distressed. Later on, Marty tries to reason with Wendy — he feels she is not dealing with Jonah well. It’s funny that Wendy and Marty still talk like they are normal parents after four seasons in. They are literally psychopaths.

As for Ruth; she’s going behind Darlene’s back in episode 3 by moving the product. Wyatt argues with her about it. Later on, Darlene confronts Ruth about moving the product without her permission and gives a stern warning. But Darlene has a multitude of issues that lies with her stubbornness; not only does she need to pay Frank back, but distribution is poor. Darlene is out of depth as we reach the final season.

Marty, Charlotte, and Wendy head out to town and leave Jonah home alone so they can carry out a business meeting. While her parents do their thing, Charlotte meets Erin, who called her earlier in the episode and demands to know what happened to her mother, Helen. Charlotte sympathizes with what happened to her mother and claims her parents got lucky; she tells Erin not to speak of their conversation in a true Wendy-like style.

Marty meets Clare Shaw from the pharmaceutical company, and surprisingly, Javi joins. They update her on the raw material, which she tests out using laboratory appliances. Javi announces himself as his uncle’s personal representative on the deal and shakes Clare’s hand.

Meanwhile, Wendy is still dealing with the family’s future and meets Republican Senator Schafer Randall with her advisor Jim. Initially, he isn’t interested in working with the Byrde foundation, but she pitches to him anyway. She offers him a place on the board with a $150 million war chest. Suddenly, the senator is interested. Money speaks.

Regardless of Darlene’s warning, Ruth continues to move product, so Darlene confronts her again. This time, Ruth reveals the money being made, and Darlene is in shock at what Ruth is achieving with the “hipster market.” Ruth proves that having a partner like her is beneficial.

The ending

As we approach the ending, Marty shows his courage, as we’ve seen many times in this series. Behind Javi’s back, he rings Omar and tells him to give up the gun shipment that Javi has arranged because that is what Maya will be looking for in this evolving deal. He thinks it will bring Maya on his side and even gives Omar her number.

Omar rings Maya and gives her a location; Maya carries out an operation with the FBI, and they find a gun shipment. This is an excellent play by Marty, but it’s risky. One of the main themes in Ozark is that Omar has a way of influencing anyone — will Maya be the next character to be influenced?

While the gun shipment is tracked down, Wendy, Charlotte, and Marty enjoy a meal at a fancy restaurant with Javi. It’s a strange meal with Javi flirting with Charlotte and showing her how to eat Oysters; Wendy and Marty look on feeling uncomfortable. And then, Javi gets a call during dinner about the shipment that the FBI has stopped, but he keeps his cool, returns to the table, and acts normal. He makes a toast about business. He’s undoubtedly a complex character to read, which must be frustrating for the Byrde family.

Episode 3 is wonderfully written, patient, and important as the story begins to gather legs.

Additional points

  • Clare Shaw is shaken after meeting Javi. Wendy tells her to think of the drugs she’s keeping off the streets and the jobs and lives she’s saving.

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