Ozark season 4, episode 4 recap – “Ace Deuce”

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 21, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Netflix Ozark season 4, episode 4 - Ace Deuce


Episode 4 intensifies the cold war between the characters. There’s no way out for any of them at this stage.

This recap of Netflix’s Ozark season 4, episode 4, “Ace Deuce,” contains spoilers. 

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Ozark season 4 is a cold war. Who flinches first will lose. The unpredictability is enticing as the story tries to work out the victorious. Episode 4 is not the best chapter so far, but it’s still important, and it focuses heavily on Ruth, who finds herself scrapping to save her arrangement with the hipster market.

Ozark season 4, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 begins with Wendy holding a press conference regarding the Byrde Foundation and Shaw Medical Solutions partnership. She gives a passionate speech about the opioid crisis and relates it to her brother Ben. P.I. Mel watches on; his suspicions are still strong. Wendy continues to be this changed woman who wants to win at all costs.

Javi is concerned about the number of shipments that are being seized by the FBI, which makes this cold war intriguing. The shipments to Shaw Medical Solutions are greenlit in episode 4, and Clare Shaw is understandably nervous about this deal, but Wendy reassures her. Wendy has wholly manipulated the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. The writing is stating how easy it is for these people to be swayed by such advantageous but criminal undertakings.

Kerry Stone and Ruth head to the casino despite being banned — they just want to gamble. Charlotte asks Marty if she’s allowed to let Ruth inside. While gambling, Ruth sees the partnership between the Byrde Foundation and Shaw Medical Center — she gets upset about how Wendy is using Ben to create the narrative on her business dealings. But that’s the least of her concerns because later on, Kerry ends up overdosing on her product and collapsing in the casino; she manages to hit the first aid box in the office to save him.

But, of course, this raises suspicions; Wendy and Marty ask Ruth why Kerry has heroin in their casino, but Ruth gets defensive, stating she saved him and that she has nothing to do with the drugs.

Ruth has plenty of recovering to do after this event, putting the character in a dangerous position; she tells Darlene that Kerry overdosed on their product, but she covered it up, so no one will know it was their drugs. Darlene coldly shoots Kerry’s driver Brinkley Simmons and tells Wyatt and Ruth to bury the body to ensure there are no loose ends. Wyatt finds the whole ordeal emotionally taxing.

Sheriff Guerrero returns in episode 4 and interviews Ruth about the events in the casino; she wonders how Ruth knew Kerry was on heroin after treating him correctly. She also wants to know where Brinkley Simmons is. As usual, Ruth is a closed-book and claims she knows nothing. The sheriff then interviews Marty and Wendy; Marty attempts to cover Ruth’s back, while Wendy attempts to screw Ruth over — Wendy is certainly off-cuff with her actions in season 4. When the sheriff leaves, Marty is annoyed at Wendy and reminds her that Jonah works for Ruth. Surprisingly, Wendy does not appear to care, calling Jonah a “juvenile.”

Again, these parents are completely aware that their children are criminals because they are criminals.

As we edge closer to the end of episode 4, Ruth’s life continues to spiral out of control again. She picks up Kerry Stone from the motel and offers to take him to the airport. Kerry states that he will not return because he almost died at 40. He calls off their arrangement. Ruth’s new way of making money has broken quickly. You have to feel for her.

The ending

A couple of plot-defining moments end episode 4.

Firstly, Javi tells Marty that he suspects a mole is tipping the FBI — he also has proof that Maya Millar was at the weapons shipment raid, so he no longer trusts her. He refuses to make any more deliveries until he locates the mole, which puts the arrangement between the Byrde Foundation and Shaw Medical Solutions at risk. Omar tells Wendy that intervening with Javi is too risky for him. Wendy asks Omar the question — what’s he willing to sacrifice to obtain freedom? It feels like a hint from Wendy that Omar must get rid of his nephew. This scene alone shows how much Wendy has grown as a crime boss.

Secondly, Marty apologizes to Ruth, and they sit and have a beer together. Ruth thinks God is a “clever motherfucker” because she’s smart but not intelligent enough to get out of this “fucked up life.” Surprisingly, Marty offers her a payday so she can get out of Ozarks. He wants to buy her product, “uncut and all of it.” She’s shocked about this offer, and she’s unsure about it, considering Marty’s schemes haven’t worked well for her before.

Sipping on the beer, Ruth asks Marty why Wendy lied about Ben, but he doesn’t know either. Episode 4 ends peacefully, with both characters drinking beer and looking at Ben’s urn. It feels like the calm before the storm.

Episode 4 intensifies the cold war between the characters. There’s no way out for any of them at this stage.

Additional points

  • Ruth accuses staff member Janet of stealing money at the motel. Jonah tells her to hire a manager for the motel, so she doesn’t have to run it, so she asks Sam to take on the role.
  • Marty asks Wendy why she’s mentioning Ben so much in her press conferences. She claims it is good PR.
  • Mel interviews Wendy’s father. The father claims Ben didn’t have a drug problem and that Wendy lost her path long ago. Wendy’s father calls Wendy, and he’s annoyed that he didn’t know that Ben was missing. Wendy is frustrated and smashes the phone.
  • Darlene tells Ruth that she has lost her permits and that Wendy stole her rehab plans. Darlene wants Wyatt to help Ruth with “something” but does not reveal what it is.

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