In From the Cold Will Not Be Getting a Season 2 after Cancelation

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 25, 2022 (Last updated: January 29, 2024)
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Will there be a season 2 of the Netflix series In From The Cold – renewed or cancelled status
In From the Cold Series Image (Credit to Netflix)

In From the Cold is a spy series with a sci-fi twist. Jenny Franklin (Margarita Levieva) is a former Russian agent with a little (big) secret that she wants to keep hidden. Unfortunately, in a turn of events for the streaming service, Netflix has canceled In From the Cold, and we will not be getting a Season 2. 

Will there be a season 2 of In From the Cold?

January 24, 2024 [Update]

As confirmed by multiple sources, In From the Cold has been canceled and unfortunately, we will not be getting a second season. Adam Glass confirmed via Netflix the bad news by saying:

“Obviously, the end-of-the-season reveal leaves open many questions, and I think you have to play all of that out.”

As always, the fate of a series on Netflix boils down to the viewing figures. What’s on Netflix reported an average pace in viewership at the start, but then there was a steep decline after Week 3. This is usually an indication that Netflix will cancel a show.

February 2, 2022 [Update]

Whilst we are still to receive a concrete answer on whether there’ll be a second season of In From the Cold, it’s looking hopeful. The show’s creator, Adam Glass, has revealed there is enough story to be told, with clear ideas as to where season two, and even season three, would go.

He also added that it’s up to the fans as to whether that’ll happen! But as it constantly ranking with Netflix’s top 10 it could suggest that there’s a fanbase for In From the Cold.

January 25, 2022 [Update]

At the time of writing, there was no news as to whether In From The Cold would return for a second season. Literally nothing! We’re literally left out in the cold in regards to any news. 

But fear not, the recent release from Netflix could explain the lack of information available. If the exciting Netflix series provides to be a hit with viewers on the streaming site, it’s very likely that we’ll see a second season. As of yet, it’s unclear as to whether In From The Cold will be a hit. But if it proves to have strong viewership, there’s no reason for it not to return. Netflix likes strong viewership over everything. 

We’ll keep an eye on data and keep this article updated when there is news regarding the second season. 

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