Next Time On… Peacemaker season 1, episode 6 – “Murn After Reading”

January 27, 2022
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This week’s episode of Peacemaker delivered big on the action and practical gore while also featuring some solid character work and a few turns in the main plot. The overarching story is still leaving a lot of questions, but in many ways this was a team-building exercise, as the 11th Street Kids, as they’re now calling themselves, continue to bond with one another. Ahead of Peacemaker season 1, episode 6, titled “Murn After Reading”, here’s how things stand:

Peacemaker season 1, episode 5 recap:

  • Chris, Leota, Harcourt, and Economos followed the lead to Gwan Tai, where they think the Butterfly’s amber liquid is being produced en masse. They’re right — Chris’s X-ray helmet immediately identifies everyone present as infected, and a huge fight breaks out, culminating in Economos taking down a giant gorilla with a chainsaw.
  • Auggie gave Song and Fitz his fingerprints, and they realized that he had been set up. However, Murn had installed a questionable buddy of his in the police department, which prevented the lead from being followed and landed Auggie back in jail. However, Song’s uncle is a judge, and she isn’t willing to let the matter go.
  • Leota, against her better judgment, planted the diary in Peacemaker’s trailer under her mother’s instruction.
  • Leota also inadvertently discovered that Murn was a Butterfly, and the episode ended with him attacking her as she tried to escape.

Peacemaker season 1, episode 6 release date:

“Murn After Reading” is slated for release on January 27, at 12:01 a.m. Pacific and 3:01 a.m. Eastern.

Where to watch Peacemaker online:

Peacemaker is available exclusively on HBO Max, which requires a subscription.

Preview and predictions for “Murn After Reading”:

There’s lots to speculate about here, so let’s get on with it:

  • Given the title of this episode and the final moments of the previous one, we can expect Murn to be a focus. I suspect some flashbacks detailing how he became infected in the first place, and perhaps some information about what he’s actually working towards given that he seems to be taking down the Butterfly operation despite being infected himself.
  • Will Leota die? Even though it’d present some very interesting problems and might bring Amanda Waller into the show in a more substantial way, I think it’s very unlikely.
  • Song is obviously going to continue her pursuit of Chris. I assume her uncle helping her will cause her to fall foul of Murn’s friend in the department.

You can stream Peacemaker season 1, episode 6, “Murn After Reading”, exclusively on HBO Max.

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