Raising Dion season 2, episode 4 recap – “ISSUE #204: With Friends Like These”

February 1, 2022
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There are too many filler plot points that do not serve much use.

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There are too many filler plot points that do not serve much use.

This recap of Netflix’s Raising Dion season 2, episode 4, “ISSUE #204: With Friends Like These,” contains spoilers.

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As we reach the halfway point, Raising Dion is going back to old habits of stretching out a light storyline for entertainment, and while it works in some ways, in many other ways, it doesn’t. There are too many filler plot points that do not serve much use.

Raising Dion season 2, episode 4 recap

At the start of episode 4, Nicole tells Kat that she fought off a creature in the sinkhole (we know this to be Gary). She’s got scratches on her wrist from the monster. With Pat back as well, Kat and Nicole tell Suzanne that they fear for Dion’s safety. And so, Suzanne and her team blast the sinkhole with Co2 to destroy it. David disagrees with the methods, as he wants to understand the sinkhole, but Suzanne is irritated and suspends him for bringing Pat to the site. David will not let it go and states that Pat still has some energy inside him.

Predictably, after being scratched, Nicole feels sick. Dion notices her arm too and is concerned; while she figures out what is wrong with her, Nicole wants Dion to stay inside and asks Kat to babysit. Inviting trouble, Dion asks Brayden to come over to hang out. This was never going to end well.

Nicole catches up with Suzanne about the energy, and she’s shown the recent activity in Atlanta. There’s something new out there that is not only the Crooked Man. There’s something more ominous at play that the series is stretching out.

As we saw coming, Brayden and Dion decide to leave the house, despite Nicole wanting them to stay in. Brayden uses his persuasive powers on Kat so he can leave using the front door while Dion teleports. The children talk about the Crooked Man, and Brayden explains that the villain killed his father. Eventually, Brayden and Dion take on some bullies by using their powers. Brayden tells Dion that they can decide “right and wrong” with their powers and demonstrates how he can mind control anyone, even a dog. Dion is suddenly disturbed and wants to go home. He finally sees how creepy Brayden is, but before tensions reach boiling point, Kat finds them and picks up Dion.

Nicole visits Pat again in the holding cell; the man is convinced he can stop whatever is out there and explains that he saw pure goodness in Dion and wanted that; the apologies follow. He wants to use the Powered people to counteract what is out there and suggests using Dion’s DNA to try and cure the bad energy. Soon after, Nicole feels dizzy from the infection on her wrist — something is crawling under her skin.

And with that, Nicole believes they should allow Pat out of his cell under heavy supervision to help them. She knows something terrible is inside her, and she needs a solution.

The ending

Pat is released. Suzanne then meets David, and she wonders why Cutler wants him to remain at BIONA. She reminds him that she helped build this company and that he is not her partner.

Meanwhile, to end the episode, Crooked Man tells Brayden that Dion is not his friend and asks him if he wants to be weak like Pat. He reassures the kid that no one can hurt them, apart from Dion. The episode ends with the strange energy we have seen in the sinkhole passing on to many people in public. Trouble is coming.

Additional notes

  • Janelle nearly hurts another Powered at BIONA, and the security team handles her aggressively. Nicole is dismayed at the guard’s behavior, but Tevin intervenes to help.
  • Tevin asks Nicole out for dinner, but she wants to stay at BIONA while she’s kept under surveillance. Tevin offers to stay with her. She asks Tevin to train Dion out in the real world at the cabin.

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