Raising Dion season 2, episode 3 recap – “ISSUE #203: Monster Problem”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 1, 2022
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Netflix Raising Dion season 2, episode 3 - ISSUE 203 - Monster Problem


Episode 2 navigates many subplots as best as possible but it feels clunky.

This recap of Netflix’s Raising Dion season 2, episode 3, “ISSUE #203: Monster Problem,” contains spoilers.

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A lot is going on in episode 3. One of the main concerns is that Dion seems to be walking into a trap rather gullibly. As the audience, we hope he figures it out.

Raising Dion season 2, episode 3 recap

At school, Dion and Brayden talk about their powers excitedly. Meanwhile, security guard Gary is lurking around, and he enters the sinkhole to check out those strange plants again. He’s getting more powerful.

As for Nicole, she’s swooning over Tevin, but she does not want to get involved in a romance with him. Kat tells her to get over it and recognizes that she has a problem with Powered men that she needs to overcome. She reminds Nicole that Dion is brave and she should trust him.

Moving on swiftly, Brayden shows Dion how they can still hang out while in class in their minds. Dion is amazed as Brayden shows him his family home. Brayden explains that his parents died but that his father had powers too. Suddenly, the memory they are in turns sinister, with a woman nearby pointing at Brayden shouting, “evil child.” Brayden freaks out and ends the experience for them both, explaining to Dion that the woman is his aunt and calls her an awful person.

As for the new Vice-President of BIONA, David tells Suzanne that Pat is clean and thinks he’s here to help. A curious David speaks to Pat and explains that he believes him. He also lied to Suzanne — Pat did not pass the tests, making us wonder if we should even trust David. And so, David takes Pat to the sinkhole, and he senses the hateful energy that the Crooked Man is using. Meanwhile, Suzanne finds out Pat is no longer in his holding cell and raises the alarm.

Crooked Man tells Brayden that Pat is at the sinkhole, so he tells Dion if he knows who Pat is. Dion is furious and heads to the sinkhole to confront Pat. Pat explains that he no longer harbors bad energy. Nicole heads down to the sinkhole to calm Dion down as Suzanne tells David to put Pat back into his cell.

The ending

Nicole returns home and reassures an upset Dion, explaining that his father is all around them. Suzanne rings Nicole and tells her that Pat is right about the sinkhole — there’s strange energy down there. Dion then reveals to his mother that he’s gone down to the sinkhole before and saw weird flowers.

Getting ultra curious, Nicole heads to the sinkhole to check it out, but she falls inside it. She sees weird flowers, and she’s drawn to one of them. Behind her, Gary growls — he’s fully formed into a monster. Nicole tries to get to the ladder that Suzanne has provided to help her, but Gary places something inside her wrist before she does. Gary also gets out of the sinkhole and runs off.

Yes, they have a monster problem.

Episode 2 navigates many subplots as best as possible, but it feels clunky.

Additional notes

  • Tevin meets up with Nicole at the gym. Nicole talks to him about being the mother of a Powered child and how difficult it can be.
  • Esperanza wants to flout auditions, but Jonathan tells her she can sing, so she stays. Jonathon puts himself forward as stage manager. Esperanza hesitates in her audition, and Dion tells the manager to give her a chance. She smashes with a beautiful song.

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