Raising Dion season 2, episode 2 recap – “ISSUE #202: Sankofa”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 1, 2022
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Netflix Raising Dion season 2, episode 2 - ISSUE 202 Sankofa


It’s certainly building the universe in a much more patient way. Whether it remains consistent will be key.

This recap of Netflix’s Raising Dion season 2, episode 2, “ISSUE #202: Sankofa,” contains spoilers.

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So far, season 2 is a little better than its predecessor. It’s certainly building the universe in a much more patient way. Whether it remains consistent will be key. But so far, I do not hate it.

Raising Dion season 2, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 begins by showing the ending of season 1 with Dion bringing down Pat’s Crooked Man. In the present, Pat, who is in a holding cell, describes how it felt being ripped apart when he was the Crooked Man. He somehow survived, and his body slowly regenerated back to normal. Suzanne does not believe he is no longer a threat and interrogates him, but Pat is insistent that someone else is now the Crooked Man. The only flaw to this story is that Suzanne clearly knows something is out there yet is in disbelief in what Pat is saying.

BIONA checks out the sinkhole and the roots embedded in it. One of them wonders where Gary, the security guard is. It flits to Gary, who is unconscious at home, and he appears to be going through a transformation.

At school, Dion and his friends talk to Brayden to befriend him. Dion can sense strange energy around him but still gives him a school tour. The Crooked Man forms from Brayden as Dion isn’t looking, and he manages to reel it in before Dion sees. Afterward, Dion manages to check out the sinkhole undetected with the help of his friends. He sees weird-looking energy and quickly departs.

Nicole heads to BIONA, and Tevin asks her out for lunch — these two fancy the pants off each other. Afterward, one of the Powered loses control of their powers, and the mother, Simone, is irritated with the situation as she is tired of her daughter destroying things. Nicole relates with the mother having issues with Dion herself.

In a traumatic moment for the character, Nicole learns from Suzanne that Pat Rollins is alive. Surprisingly, she is determined to meet him. Pat apologizes and explains that Crooked Energy made him who he was when she does. Nicole doesn’t care and is unforgiving and lets Pat know that she wants to make it certain that he never gets out. Pat tries to explain that he saw the Crooked Man on the news, and he’s desperate to help. Nicole leaves and takes Dion home, which leads to arguments between the mother and son.

The ending

When they get home, Nicole apologizes to Dion for being upset and asks him if he ever thinks of Pat. Nicole is struggling to process the past, whereas her son seems to be handling things.

Brayden asks The Crooked Man why he was trying to attack Dion. The Crooked Man tells Brayden that his army is growing, and he wants Brayden to help him destroy Dion.

As the episode ends, Brayden visits Dion in his head. He tells him he has powers just like him and thinks they should be best friends.

Additional notes

  • Nicole is annoyed at Dion for using powers in public and believes he shouldn’t.
  • Tevin is super impressed with Dion and tells his mother.

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