The Offer season 1, episode 4 recap – “The Right Shade of Yellow”

May 5, 2022
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The Offer finally delivers as “The Right Shade of Yellow” is the best episode of the series yet.

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The Offer finally delivers as “The Right Shade of Yellow” is the best episode of the series yet.

This recap of The Offer season 1, episode 4, “The Right Shade of Yellow”, contains spoilers.

The first three episodes of The Offer had a lot going on. First, Albert made quite a few moves, from getting Head of Paramount Matthew Goode to make him a producer to getting the mafia to let him make The Godfather. Then, at the end of episode three, we saw the introduction to “Crazy” Joe Gallo, who got paroled and looks to throw a wrench in Joe Colombo’s plans. So will The Godfather finally start production? Let’s dive in.

The Offer season 1, episode 4 recap

Love Story is debuting to massive success for Paramount. Albert and Francoise come back from the film’s premiere and have a HUGE argument. Francoise says they shouldn’t have been there and nobody cared that Albert was there. The duo has a huge back and forth with a bunch of insults. Who didn’t see this coming?

Next, Robert arrives at a diner with cheers for the hit of Love Story, where he meets with Albert for lunch. Robert lets him know not to bring his bad vibes to his premiere. Albert lets him know that Brando is in on the film, but Robert says he isn’t worth the hassle. Albert brings up Pacino again and Robert shuts him down AGAIN.

They call me burned out Brando – Marlon Brando

Bettye lets Albert know that Robert didn’t say no about Brando and they all head to meet with him. The meeting goes about as you would expect. Brando is an interesting character as he informs them he wants the role to p**s off Sinatra. Brando transforms as the Don in front of their eyes and Francis freaks out. I will be interested to find out what people think of Justin Chambers as Marlon Brando and how accurate this portrayal is.

Sinatra calls out Joe Colombo to this reporter about how he needs to shut down The Godfather. Next, we move to Francoise and Albert in couples counseling. She is frustrated with the fact that he won’t open up. Albert struggles with expressing his emotions but lays down that he doesn’t want to produce with her anymore. He wants to be able to produce the film on his own. She appreciates his honesty and says okay.

Colombo’s team shows up to give Gallo some money and he lets them know he doesn’t want his charity. I love this scene as Gallo seems to be the real deal and truly goes to come in between Colombo and the family. Finally, we see Johnny Russo, a former boyfriend of Bettye’s friend, arrive and hand in a film tape of him auditioning for Albert to cast him in The Godfather. They get a call from the owner of the location saying they are backing out of their deal. Albert is starting to wonder if anything will go well in this film. Everything seems to be trending in the wrong direction.

Colombo sees the paper where Sinatra blasts him and isn’t happy. Colombo knew what he was doing with Gallo, hoping he would do something stupid to take him out. I loved this little banter here, showed that Colombo isn’t as dumb as they have made him out to be.

As Francis flies to New York to confront Charles to show him auditions, we have a great setup. As we see this happen, Robert is sitting down with Albert to watch the tape as the phone rings. It’s Charles and Robert is NOT happy. Charles LOVES the Brando tape and wants him in as Don in The Godfather. They get the approval needed, but Robert gives a stern warning never to go behind his back again.

The councilman is announcing that he is holding everyone accountable who helps make The Godfather. Charles is not thrilled and Barry is trying to break down why they need to take over the film. Next, we see Robert sitting down with Brando for lunch and asking him to play nice while filming. Brando isn’t thrilled with Robert’s suggestions.

Brando’s agent calls to tell them he wants 100 grand a week with a five-week minimum. Albert fights back, lets them know they will cast someone else, and hangs up. Francis freaks out, but Albert knows that Brando needs this more than anything. His agent calls back and informs him that they will take the deal.

As everyone arrives in New York, Sonny, someone Albert hired to help with the film, comes to let him know that he needs to be careful with Colombo. He lets him know that Joe Gallo is out of jail and that he will go after Colombo and possibly his film. Finally, we intertwine the mafia’s dealings with Albert and the making of the film. Francoise shows up in New York to let him know she is going to Paris. She wants to be with him, all of him, but he can’t give that to her. I am never happy to see a pair break up, BUT THANK GOD SHE IS GONE.

Within this moment, the show reminds us that this project has more meaning to Albert than a girlfriend that got away or even being threatened daily by the mafia and the network. Some excellent writing has finally elevated this show to the level I was hoping it would go.

The ending of “The Right Shade of Yellow”

Brando has signed on and Albert wants to celebrate, but Joe Colombo has arrived to talk to Albert before he can. Colombo puts a pin on Albert, and as he does, Albert lets him know that he will help him with Sinatra by cutting down on the role he thinks is about him in the movie. Next, Charles meets with Albert to let him know that they want to add another producer. Again, Albert reiterates that he is the sole producer and he won’t be adding anyone to the table. Damn fine scene from Miles Teller here.

We’ve got a movie, everyone, and it is time to celebrate. Just kidding, the mafia henchmen show up to pick up Albert to take him to Colombo. We found out earlier that the house owner backed out of the deal and wouldn’t let them use it. Albert arrives to see Colombo and they walk into the house and the owner is tied up. He freaks out (internally). Albert now understands that he may have made a deal with the devil.

As he returned the dinner, only Bettye was there to welcome him back. Albert breaks down what just happened. I want to stop right here for a minute and remind you that this man would never tell Francoise anything, but with Bettye, he is an open book. Bettye lets him know that Charles is expecting her at the racetracks the next day and Albert needs to show up and make a move. He wants Charles to back Francis in casting Al Pacino as Michael, again going behind Robert’s back, and Charles agrees.

Robert is preparing for the Emmys and gets the call that Pacino is in the role of Michael. Robert is PISSED and said that James Caan would be Sonny since that happened, which Francis is not happy has happened. After they get off the phone, Albert lets Francis know that he has gone to bat for him twice now and needs to help him out with this one.

They go to meet with Pacino to let him know they are casting him as Michael and he tells them he took a deal with MGM for another movie. Pacino leaves, and Albert is not happy at all. He discusses everything going down with his casting and how the film is imploding with Andrea. The moment leads to her breaking down Albert’s love of the film and only the people that GET that love are the ones that will understand why he is going the extra mile (this leads to them sleeping together). Albert leaves her and takes a casual walk down the street, and as he lights a cigarette, he sees his reflection in a storefront and the credits roll.

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