The Offer season 1, episode 3 recap – “Fade In”

April 28, 2022
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Matthew Goode and Miles Teller keep things interesting enough to push forward regardless of the show’s slow pace.

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Matthew Goode and Miles Teller keep things interesting enough to push forward regardless of the show’s slow pace.

This recap of Paramount+ series The Offer season 1, episode 3, “Fade In,” contains spoilers. 

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We all know that the film ends up getting made, but The Offer shows us the battles everyone faced to get it onto the big screen. Robert is being pushed out at Paramount and receives a threat from the mafia. Albert is taken hostage by the mafia and shooting can’t happen in New York. Does Albert make an offer the mafia can’t refuse? What happens to Robert? Let’s dive in.

The Offer season 1, episode 3 recap

We pick up where the last episode left off with Albert riding in the car to meet with Joe. Joe lets him know that he needs to make a different movie. Albert asks Joe to hear him out about the film. He promises the movie will not be about the book and will be different from what they are expecting. Again, a strong, STRONG scene from Miles Teller shows his confidence in this role of Albert.

We see Francis and Mario go head to head over the script, but Francis is level-headed when it comes to Mario and breaks it down to him. Next, we see Robert leaving lunch and ready to make some moves to avoid losing his job at Paramount.

Don’t believe everything you read, I ain’t dead yet. – Robert

Albert comes back to the hotel room and LIES AGAIN to Francoise about where he was. She reminds him that she is there for him to help make this movie a thing. I am still not sure I like the dynamic here between them. Albert takes a moment to reflect on what went down between him and the mafia. You saw the confidence in that room, but the man was in fear of his life deep down.

Francoise heads to Albert’s office to grab the car. While she is there, she asks about Albert’s affairs, and Bettye lies again for Albert. She mentions some scripts on his desk and Francoise takes one of them with her. An interesting little moment leads to her meeting with someone saying that Albert is producing the film and wants a specific actress. Was she making deals behind his back? Not sure this will end well.

Albert sends Bettye to snag the script and bring it to him in New York. So, she heads over to Mario and Francis’s house, takes it, and runs for the door.

We see Robert continue to forge forward with pushing to keep things moving regardless of his potential exit from Paramount. Matthew Goode continues to be the star of this show with an incredible monologue about Robert’s love of movies and how he knew this was his calling. Anytime Goode is on the screen, you are engulfed with every word he says. Bettye delivers the script to Albert and she informs him the script has an incredible opening and ending but doesn’t have a second act. So he decides that he will write the second act and present it to Joe. Bettye doesn’t love the idea, but Albert knows this is his only shot.

Albert gives the script to Joe and I love this moment because he has to break down what specific things on the script mean to him. Finally, after Albert agrees to wipe the word ‘Mafia’ from the movie and Joe tells him he can make the movie, Bettye and Charlie meet for drinks to distract him from seeing Joe with Albert. Charlie asks her, “Tell me about The Godfather.” She breaks down how it is incredible and the script is excellent. He wants the script, but she refuses. Juno Temple is great as Bettye. The role has increased with every episode and she is making the most of it.

Francis arrives and is not happy about the script being stolen. However, Albert makes him understand that it had to be done and not worry about it. Albert takes Francis to scout out the location for the film while he is in town. Francis falls in love with the final place of the day. While having Francis in a good mood, Albert asks him how often the word ‘Mafia’ appears in the script. He says one, Albert says to wipe it and Francis agrees. Albert meets with Joe one last time before leaving for LA. Joe reminds him that he is one of them now. Whatever he needs, he will make sure he gets it.

F**k LA. – Joe

Robert finally talks to Charles on the phone. Charles assures him he isn’t firing him, but the board needs to see results and money ASAP. Next, Francis and Al Pacino go over some lines and put him on film to see what he has got. We see Francoise pitch the idea of her helping Albert produce some of the scripts that fall across his table that he has no time to look at. Albert agrees to what she wants to do and Francoise is excited.

The ending of “Fade In”

The following day, Albert and Francoise show up to work together, much to the dismay and confusion of Bettye. However, Bettye is the type that likes control and she sees that it might be slipping in front of her. Robert arrives to talk with Albert about where the script is and lets him know it’s almost done. Francoise steps in the scene and pitches, casting Sinatra as the Don, which Robert plays off as a joke.

Albert and Robert go for a walk and he reminds him that he needs the script before he can greenlight anything. A powerful scene where Robert asserts his power and lets him know if he ever allows his woman to pitch a terrible idea again, he will find a new producer. Francis delivers the script to Albert, which makes him happy. Bettye reminds Albert he has to go to casting where they will show Robert a tape of Pacino as Michael. Not thirty seconds into the clip, Robert goes off the deep end and says no way Pacino will play in the movie. Robert wants STARS and wants to know why Pacino has read any of the script, but he hasn’t. Damn, I love Matthew Goode in this show.

We see Albert reading The Godfather. Francoise asks him how it is and he says incredible. Francoise tells him next time, bring a copy. DAMN, she is trying too hard right now. We hear a car pulling up to the Albert residence, Robert arrives and freaks out because the script is 170 pages long. Albert, unsure of how he got a copy, asks him to read it and Robert says no.

As the show comes to a close, we are introduced to Joe Gallo, who just got out on parole. We find out Gallo is insane and that he is willing to go above and beyond to settle things. Joe Colombo lets everyone at the table know that he will handle Gallo and no one needs to worry about him. Moments later, we see Gallo sitting in the car with someone and the man asks what he is going to do about Colombo, and he says he will light his whole world on fire and burn everything he loved to the f*****g ground.

Francis and Albert are discussing the script and maybe a few cuts. Mario walks in the door, freaking out because Marlon Brando wrote him back and said he wants to play Don Corleone and everyone is delighted. Francoise walks in with someone and closes the door, Bettye says he needs to handle that and Albert says he doesn’t know how to.

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