Reacher season 1 – How did Paul Hubble get involved with the Kliner Klan?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 4, 2022
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How did Paul Hubble get involved with the Kliner Klan in Reacher season 1 - amazon original series

This article, “how did Paul Hubble get involved with the Kliner Klan,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Reacher season 1.

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Paul Hubble has had a reputation in Margrave, Georgia, as a straight arrow good with numbers. The Andy Dufresne of that small southern town works in a local blank, living a reasonably comfortable life. He is married to his lovely wife, Charlie, and has two beautiful adolescent daughters. Yet, the man confesses to a murder he did not commit and goes on the run after escaping an attempt on his life in prison with Reacher protecting his blindsides.

That’s when Paul’s wife, Charlie, sets things straight for Roscoe after she saves the Hubble family’s lives. She wasn’t some clueless southern belle not knowing why they all of a sudden didn’t think twice why they lived in a vast house and had multiple priceless automobiles. Paul told her everything. He was tricked and blackmailed into working for the Kliner’s and funneling money in and out of their foundation.

How did Paul Hubble get involved with the Kliner Klan in Reacher season 1?

Paul was recruited by Mr. Kliner and was offered a salary four times what he was making now and a bonus that would exceed it by the end of the year. He convinces Paul to travel to Venezuela with him. Paul can look at their operation and then pass a “test” that proves the banker’s acumen with crunching and transferring numbers. Mr. Kliner marvels at Paul’s ability to perform financial tasks effortlessly. He then breaks the news to the young father — it was a trap. He illegally transferred funds and committed fraud. His fingers are all over it. Mr. Kliner makes him an offer. Work for them, still get rich, or he is going to go to jail.

Before Paul could run and tell the authorities, he is locked in the local stable to work through his need to blow the whistle. In the meantime, later than might, two Venezuluan super soldiers bring in a man, we assume may have taken money from them or could be a pawn. They torture him in front of Paul. They nail him to the wall, strip him naked, and torture him by feeding him his balls.

What man wouldn’t go along after that?

The question is: Is Paul able to leave the Kliner foundation behind and save his family? Here is our final recap detailing what happened in the end!

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