Reacher season 1 – do Reacher and Roscoe get together?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 4, 2022
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Will Reacher and Roscoe get together - Reacher season 1 - amazon original series

This article, “do Reacher and Roscoe get together,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Reacher season 1.

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There is immediate chemistry between Jack Reacher and Officer Roscoe Conklin when the series starts. She asks him sweetly in the most southern gentile way possible to come over to her so she can process him. No worries, however. Roscoe says she won’t kick his ass unless Reacher makes her.

Reacher, by the look on his face, likes her immediately.

From there, Officer Roscoe Conklin is practically his guardian angel. You have to understand Reacher has been a part of a military family and professional career his entire life. There have been no gaps in between. This is his rebirth into the world. And now he has found a person who, possibly, makes him feel alive again. Ms. Conklin can also reacclimate to being human and even have a bit of empathy.

So, after she gives him a cup of coffee and later comments on how he has kind eyes, she springs him from prison by proving he had nothing to do with the murders underneath that overpass. When Reacher comments he will leave town, she tells him she wants to cook him dinner, and he accepts all but too quickly.

They display even more chemistry when they investigate a lead in Alabama but are “forced” to spend a night in the motel because the roads are flooded. Instead of a night of “wham, bam, thank you, mam,” they get to know each other first. Think of all the great television romances? Jim and Pam, Ross and Rachel, Sam and Dianne form an emotional connection and friendship first.

When they arrive at Roscoe’s apartment the following day, they find her home tossed and a threat carved into her door. Does she panic? Hell no. That isn’t Roscoe’s style. She’s pissed he is trying to patronize her. She gets in his face. Roscoe tells him that she was recruited by the FBI and the CIA but was denied. Why? Because, in her own words, she cannot tolerate horse s**t.

Will Reacher and Roscoe get together – Reacher season 1

We mentioned above that Roscoe looks out for him and gently acclimates him back into the world. For instance, she makes him talk to Molly Beth for a while. He was letting her tell her story of what Joe meant to her. This was only part of her plan. Not just for Molly Beth to grieve, but to begin the process for Reacher as well. When he takes a shower, most likely to hide his emotion, he tells Roscoe to watch the door. She abandons her post, and when she enters that shower with the same thing Reacher is wearing, the first thing he asks her is who was watching the door? She laughs. The rest is history.

By the end of the series, when Reacher somehow walks away from a warehouse that just blew up, she runs toward him and kisses him. They spent the night together. They then have a talk located in the Margrave town square to discuss their future. While they certainly answered the question of if they got together, will they end up together? Especially since Roscoe was a minor character in the book and only had mild flirtations with the former military policeman.

The question is: Do Reacher and Roscoe end up together to make a life in Margrave? Here is our final recap detailing what happened in the end!

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