Reacher season 1, episode 3 recap – “Spoonful”

By Marc Miller
Published: February 4, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Amazon Reacher season 1, episode 3 - Spoonful


Episode 3 is good for the soul. Take justice into your own hands kind of goodness.

This recap of Amazon’s Reacher season 1, episode 3, “Spoonful,” contains spoilers.

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Reacher season 1, episode 3 recap

Roscoe doesn’t tolerate horseshit. At least, that is what she tells Reacher when he attempts to console her about the threat made on her life. That is the only reason she didn’t land a sweet gig at the FBI or the CIA. But our man Reacher summarizes it for us nicely.

“Interpersonal skills?” He quips.

They head back to the police station to give Finley the heads up that a threat has been made on their lives. They head over to see Jasper (Harvey Guillen), the medical examiner, who has identification on the other body. His name was Pete Joblin, a trucker for South Freight Shipping.

In the meantime, they receive a timely phone call from special agent Molly Beth Gordon (Laura Jean Chorostecki), who works for the secret service. She is returning Officer Roscoe’s call to follow up on Joe. The only thing is she doesn’t know Joe is dead because when she hears Jack Reacher’s voice on the other end, she sounds incredibly relieved. Does she then demand why he hasn’t called her? 

Of course she does because she has some personal relationship with the deceased. Just like Reacher said, the brothers look just alike, and apparently, they sound just alike as well. She becomes almost inconsolable — she cared about him. Molly Beth eventually gathers herself and tells them Reacher’s brother was the director of the office of investigations. He was overseeing an anti-counterfeiting operation. 

Finally, Mayor Teale has taken over as the head of the station, and he begins to micromanage the joint. However, Office Stevenson asks Roscoe about his cousin Charlie and her kids more interestingly. (Remember, they are hiding off the grid with Finley’s buddy at the FBI). She tells him that she knows nothing about it. 

Finley gets the crap kicked out of him when he investigates Spivey’s home. Meanwhile, Reacher choked the dead trucker’s lawyer with a phone cord and asked him nicely to give him the file. What they found out was this — Kliner Industries paid for the trucker’s legal bills when he got into trouble. Even more interesting is that Spivey’s phone records show he called the same business over a dozen times before he went missing.

When the male members of the trio meet up with Mr. Kliner at the Margrave corporate office, things get even worse than his encounter with those racist cops. Kliner tells them not so kindly to back off. Finley drops a couple of f-bombs his way, and Reacher couldn’t be more proud of him.

The ending

KJ confronts Roscoe by blocking her way to her truck and talking about Reacher’s exciting backstory. You know, that fact that the girl he likes keeps hanging out with a murderer. He’s an outlier, you see. She tells him to get off her truck or, and we are paraphrasing here, to go f**k himself and get off her f*****g truck. The team disappears, grabbing some belongings and gathering later to some off-the-track motels. 

Meanwhile, Finley goes ahead and locates Paul Hubble’s boss. It turns out Hubble quit over a year ago. So, that begs the question, who was he working for? As he ponders that question, Reacher tries to locate Spivey but finds a couple of South American assassins following him. So, he speeds up, takes a side road, and gently jumps out of the car into those fields with the tall grass. The vehicle comes to a crawl in front of an abandoned barn.

Reacher watches while hiding in the weeds. The sicario’s car pulls up and comes to a stop. They get out, flashlights and Glocks in their hands. The assassins circle the car and then turn towards the barn. They walk slowly and methodically. The problem is so is Reacher. He comes up behind them and doesn’t give them a chance to explain themselves. Reacher shoots both in the back with that hand cannon Roscoe gave him.

He gathers up the shell casings and puts on gloves. He drags their lifeless bodies to their trunk and pops it open.

Spivey is lying there with a gunshot hole in his forehead. 

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