Sweet Magnolias season 2, episode 2 recap – “So Much to Say”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 4, 2022
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Sweet Magnolias season 2, episode 2 recap - "So Much to Say"


“So Much to Say” allows some subplots to tick along as progress is made here and there — but in no great hurry.

This recap of Sweet Magnolias season 2, episode 2, “So Much to Say”, contains spoilers.

So, we’re cracking on with the mystery of Isaac’s parentage, but one suspects we won’t be in a hurry with it. It’s one of many subplots that are beginning to percolate here in “So Much to Say”. The minor fight that the Magnolias had the night prior is quickly moved away from thanks to the “Sorry Magnolias”, a long-time apology ritual they’ve had since childhood, so Helen is able to let Dana Sue in on the news that she’s pregnant. Her husband has left, of course, but whatever. It’s not like she doesn’t have plenty of support.

Sweet Magnolias season 2, episode 2 recap

Also of short-term importance: Dana needs a business loan, which is a complex matter involving the need for a rapid-fire divorce, but since she can’t get a divorce that quickly she needs to stay married to Ronnie and get his signature on a second mortgage on her home. He’s willing to go along with it, and also help to save money by moving in — purely platonic, of course, for the sake of Annie. So he says, anyway. But Cal also offers to buy Dana Sue’s partner out of the restaurant, so it becomes a predicament quickly.

Meanwhile, Kyle is still being super mysterious and moody now that he’s back at home. A brief visit from Annie certainly doesn’t help — in fact, he lashes out at her in front of his mother and grandmother, which only makes Maddie more upset about how tight-lipped he’s being. Luckily, Paula is on hand with some sage wisdom, but it doesn’t make the situation any easier. (He’s mad about her standing him up last season if you’d forgotten.)

There’s also the matter of whether Ty will or won’t go to State as captain of the team — Maddie clearly would prefer he didn’t, and he obviously doesn’t want to upset her, but Cal would very much like him to and keeps putting that idea in his head. Things are clearly complex in the Townsend household, but then again they are everywhere. Helen isn’t in any rush to tell Ryan about the baby because she knows he doesn’t want children, and helping Isaac out with his issues has reminded her that kids deserve parents who love them, not who care for them out of obligation.

At least some progress is being made by the end of “So Much to Say”. Maddie is able to get through to Tyler a little and help him overcome his reticence about going to State, and then, on a roll, she books Kyle an appointment with a therapist. He’s not happy about the idea but, as she says, if he isn’t going to talk to her, then he might as well talk to a professional. Plus, elsewhere, Dana Sue’s cash injection from Cal makes them happy-clappy business partners, which I’m sure won’t cause any problems at all down the road.

“So Much to Say” ends, fittingly, with Helen having very little to say to Ryan, whose call she ignores while reading a parenting book. Looks like she’s determined to do this alone.

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