Ms. Pat: Y’all Wanna Hear Something Crazy? review – a class, comedy special

By Romey Norton
Published: February 8, 2022
Netflix comedy special Ms Pat Y’all Wanna Hear Something Crazy


Swearing, sass, and seriously funny jokes, Ms. Pat knows how to laugh. 

Netflix comedy special Ms. Pat: Y’all Wanna Hear Something Crazy? was released on February 8, 2022. 

Netflix has released the comedy special Ms. Pat: Y’all Wanna Hear Something Crazy? which stars Patricia Williams, who is a comedian, author, and star of The Ms. Pat show. Breaking stereotypes, Ms. Pat is a big, beautiful, Black woman who owns the stage. Opening to a very welcoming audience in her hometown, Ms. Pat has her fans in stitches within minutes. At 54 minutes, you should take an hour out of your day and treat yourself to a laugh. Wanna hear something crazy? In this special you seriously will!

Like most comedy specials, this is set in front of a live, intimate audience. There are only a select few camera angles to work with, so the comedian has to be captivating and Ms. Pat certainly is. With pink nails, pink lipstick, and a pink blazer to match, she is hard not to watch. There are shots of the audience, the stage, and close-ups of our comedian to really showcase those facial expressions.

If you haven’t watched Ms. Pat before, she speaks quickly with a thick, strong American accent. I did miss a few punchlines and I think being a white, British girl a few jokes went over my head, but the audience was clearly loving it and that’s the main thing. I wouldn’t let this stop you from watching it, it is good to explore new comedy and you could end up finding someone new and entertaining to watch. I’m quoting her “I’ll eat your ass, unfried” — this really made me laugh. Also, the jokes surrounding her upbringing and her grandad making moonshine and crack babies. There is a whole lotta punch in this show. 

Ms. Pat makes jokes about parenting, pets, her past, present, and future, and does what all great comedians do, which is turn pain into humor and she does this with honesty and grace. Then, not so much grace when the dirty jokes and the dark jokes around disability and death come out. My favorite part is her telling white women to stop making their lips bigger. Thank you! They need telling. 

I’d recommend this comedy special if you miss seeing comedy live, or if you’re looking for something new to make you laugh. 

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