Why are people obsessed with Barbie’s feet from the Barbie Movie?

By Kieran Burt
Published: July 22, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
Why are people obsessed with Barbies feet from the Barbie Movie

Why are people obsessed with Barbie’s feet from the Barbie Movie? We discuss the popular 2023 film. Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

Barbie has finally hit cinemas after a marketing campaign that saw the doll and the film get everywhere. It spawned many crossover memes with the movie that opened on the same day, Oppenheimer, which has excited people about the film even more.

It’s become a phenomenon, and the infectious Kenergy has even cut through to those who don’t usually watch films or go to cinemas.

One aspect of the character that many people have taken an interest in is the character’s feet. This has been the case ever since the trailer for the film showed that lead Barbie Margot Robbie would indeed take on the doll’s well-known arched feet, despite this not being how human feet are.

And now that the film has come out, it’s hit an ever higher enthusiasm.

What is the Barbie Foot Challenge on TikTok? 

TikTok is the place to participate in the latest dangerous trend for a shot going viral, and the Barbie Foot Challenge is no different. Inspired by Barbie’s iconic arched feet, TikTokers are trying to pull off their tiptoes take, showing videos of themselves removing their heels and staying up as if they were still on.

It was initially started by Shanna Scribner, who amassed over 200,000 views on her attempt. Now, it’s spread to all corners of the Internet.

Doctors are warning that this trend could be damaging people’s feet. One or two tries at this will probably be fine, but repeated attempts could result in ankle damage, such as a sprain or fracture. It’s something anyone trying this should be careful of.

While some people might wish to have Barbie’s arched feet, it’s worth remembering they were made like this for the doll because they were part of how men saw the ideal woman. But in reality, humans cannot have such arched feet, which makes this an unachievable vision of beauty.

Everyone has to make do with their heels touching the ground. No one can live up to how Barbie looks, which isn’t bad.

Why are people obsessed with Barbie’s feet from the Barbie Movie?

Barbie’s arched feet are an iconic part of the character and are probably the most recognizable part of the doll. The film has painstakingly recreated it, which lets Barbie enthusiasts who can now see an accurate live-action version of their favorite character on-screen, similar to how comic-book fans might freak out about a new suit from a classic character.

Another reason is that there are, unfortunately, some people online who will take the opportunity to creep out about what the Barbie movie is showing. It wouldn’t be surprising, as people will attempt to make anything sexual.

The arched feet were created to cater to a predominantly male desire, after all. This sexualization is something that the film tackles head-on, with Barbie being objectified by several men throughout the movie as she journeys through the real world.

Margot Robbie has even responded to the obsession surrounding her feet. In a video interview with CinemaBlend, she said, “I’m really flattered that people are excited about my feet. I think that’s lovely. I don’t feel weird about it.”

There is also a broader interest people have in Robbie, especially with how the actress has been portrayed. In The Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn performed a spectacular barefoot escape, and in The Wolf of Wall Street, she pushed Leonardo DiCaprio away with her feet.

Why are Barbie’s feet important in the Barbie movie?

What is surprising, though, is that Barbie’s feet are important to the film’s plot instead of just part of the character’s look. This is because when Barbie starts to become real, her normally arched feet fall flat, causing all the other Barbies to panic. It’s all part of Barbie slipping into the depression of her owner, Gloria, complete with thoughts about death, burnt toast, and cold showers.

Her flat feet prompt her to go on a quest to the human world, get her arches back, and recapture the feeling of perfection in her life. Feet continues to form part of the imagery here, with Weird Barbie offering Barbie a choice of shoes to see if she wants an adventure, similar to the pills in The Matrix.

Weird Barbie gives her the choice between a high heel, something akin to the blue pill, where Barbie can remain in Barbieland, or the flat-footed sandal, akin to the red pill, where Barbie can wake go on an adventure to the real world.

After Barbie convinces Gloria to be happy again, her arches rise, as she’s now returning to her doll form. But they don’t stay that way for long, as at the end of the film, Barbie chooses to be a natural person, giving up her perfect life and perfect arched feet for more down-to-earth feet.

Barbie is rejecting the stereotype projected onto her and accepting all of the imperfections of being a human. It’s a message that lets people know they are enough without living up to harmful stereotypes.

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