Who is Flavia Laos from Too Hot to Handle season 4?

By Louie Fecou
Published: December 10, 2022 (Last updated: December 12, 2022)
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Who is Flavia Laos from Too Hot to Handle season 4? We check out the popular reality influencer and have a look at her life offline and online. 

Well, it’s back, and fans of the steamy dating reality show have had a spanner thrown in the works with the introduction of some new players. Too Hot to Handle season 4 has already started, and viewers are loving it. However, all is not well with the contestants in season 4, and one of the reasons may be Flavia Laos, a wild card player introduced to spice things up and ruffle a few feathers. This article will have a close look at Flavia and try to discover who she is and what kind of influence she will have on the show.

Who is Flavia Laos from Too Hot to Handle season 4?

The surprise entry of Flavia Laos has really thrown things into disarray for many on the island. Flavia Laos has arrived all the way from Lima in Peru and is no stranger to attention. Flavia is a singer and actress and is well known for her roles in many films from Spain. Born in 1997, Flavia has also made her name as a TV host, among other things, and has been a contestant on other reality shows, including Combate (2015) and Esto es guerra (2017). As a social media influencer, it is normal to see Flavia and friends on holiday, at social events, modeling clothes, or attending music festivals. Flavia seems to currently be single, has no children, and is five feet two.

How old is Flavia Laos?

Flavia was born in Peru in 1997 and is twenty-five years old.

Is Flavia Laos on Instagram?

Known as a Latin Influencer, Flavia has an impressive 4.7 million followers on Instagram and shares plenty of content, particularly travel and music festival adventures. Find Flavia on Instagram @flavialaosu.

Is Flavia Laos on TikTok?

Of course, she is, and just like her Insta account, she has over four million followers on it. On her account, Flavialaosu1, you can see Flavia getting prepared for social events such as red carpets and partying with her friends.

What job does Flavia Laos do for a living?

Flavia has managed to consistently work hard and found herself as a model, a TV host, an actor, an influencer, and of course, a reality TV star. A quick look at her activity shows that a lot of her current income comes from Instagram, and early uploads seemed to focus on fitness advice and videos.

Where is Flavia Laos now?

Flavia made a splash on Too Hot to Handle season 4 and managed to create lots of drama by causing rifts between Kayla and Seb and Sophie and Creed. With new episodes still to drop on Netflix, I have no doubt that Flavia’s fans will be tuning in to see what other drama the show has to offer. It is safe to say that the show may only enhance her presence on social media, and Flavia seems set to continue on her current path. Most recently, Flavia was spotted at The People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica. The awards were presented by The Kardashians and Kenan Thompson, with Lizzo and Taylor Swift doing particularly well. Flavia turned a few heads wearing a stunning low-cut orange dress on the red carpet.

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