Who is Ethan Smith from Too Hot to Handle season 4?

By Kieran Burt
Published: December 10, 2022 (Last updated: December 12, 2022)
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Who is Ethan Smith from Too Hot to Handle season 4? We check out the popular reality participant and have a look at his life offline and online. 

Too Hot to Handle season 4 has recently debuted on Netflix, bringing new contestants to the island to cause trouble.

Reviews have been calling the show “reality trash that is filled with treasures,” while others comment on the  “exhausting” nature of the show.

While it invites Love Island comparisons, the twist that separates the two shows is the fact that the couples aren’t allowed to be intimate with each other unless they are deemed to have achieved a connection with each other. If they are intimate without permission, a penalty occurs. The goal is to come out of the show to win $200,000, but rule breakings mean the total is often less.

Ethan Smith is one of the new contestants, bringing his bad-boy nature to the show.

Who is Ethan Smith from Too Hot to Handle season 4?

Ethan Smith is one of the two new hot new contestants on the show, alongside Flavia Laos. He looks like the British version of a Greek demi-god, covered in tattoos and lush hair.

Ethan’s interests are dirt biking, going to the gym, weight training, and posting photos of the travels he goes on with his friends.

He says that he loves cuddling people too, which, luckily for him, he’s allowed to do within the rules of the contest.

On the show, Ethan’s already stirring up trouble between Brittan and James and will likely be a handful for the show’s enforcer, Lana.

How old is Ethan Smith?

Ethan Smith is 26 years old and comes from Bristol, UK. His exact birthday isn’t known, but because he’s 26, he would have been born in 1996.

Is Ethan Smith on Instagram?

Ethan Smith is on Instagram. His handle is @smithethan.

He has 21k followers at the time of writing, and his bio explains that he’s a bad boy by nature. His description also mentions that Lana will have a job on her hands, a reference to the Lana AI on Too Hot to Handle. Lana is a virtual assistant designed to keep the peace on the show and enforce the rules.

He’s posted over 240 times, and this self-professed bad boy loves to show off selfies of his tattooed body from his many travels or from his workouts.

Is Ethan Smith on TikTok?

Ethan Smith is on TikTok. His handle is @smithethan1.

He has just over 16k followers at the of writing, with his bio simply stating that he’s a contestant on Too Hot to Handle. There are over 12k likes on Ethan’s posts.

These posts mainly focus on Ethan showing off his body and posting about his travels.

What job does Ethan Smith do for a living?

It looks like Ethan’s job is as a professional modeler, and he’s passionate about fitness and working out.

Where is Ethan Smith now?

While it isn’t known what Ethan will do after the show, it seems likely that he will go back to his job of being a model and showing off his fitness and workout routines. If he forms a genuine connection by the end of season 4, he might stay with the person he forms it with. This might end up being Brittan, as the two are now sharing a bed together.

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