Inventing Anna season 1 – how did Anna Delvey retrieve the money?

February 11, 2022
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This article, ”how did Anna Delvey gain the money,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Inventing Anna season 1. 

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In the Netflix limited series Inventing Anna, Anna Delvey went under the pretense that she was a wealthy German heiress whilst living a life of luxury that she couldn’t afford. In summary, Anna has defrauded banks, hoteliers, and friends out of hundreds of thousands in American dollars. Eventually (four years are arriving in America), Anna’s crimes caught up with her. And she got arrested and subsequently convicted as a fraudster.

But, how exactly did Anna manage to con her way through life as an heiress between 2014-2017?

How did Anna Delvey retrieve the money in Inventing Anna season 1?

Part of the reason Anna Delvey was able to gain access to such high amounts of money was purely through her image/reputation. By pretending to be a wealthy individual, many individuals were tricked into fronting the bill Anna had originally meant to pay for. As Anna socialized in the circles of the “New York elite” there were very few reasons to doubt Anna was who she said she was.

Her image as “Anna Delvey” heightens by her proposal of “Anna Delvey Foundation”. What she claims could be a private members club seems to add more belief to the image of “Anna Delvey”. In this image/plan, she creates a business plan that people want to be a part of. But it wasn’t just rich individuals that Anna could fool; she also tricks banks, namely Fortress Investment Group.

By providing the bank with fake bank statements with the intention to make a loan application for $22 million, she eventually ended up with an overdraft of $100,000. She further gained extra funds by taking in $160,000 worth of fraudulent checks. Of which she would be able to withdraw $70,000.

In Inventing Anna, the biggest case of how Anna was able to con money out of people came from a trip to Morocco. During the trip (which Anna invited Kacy and Rachel along), she promised her friends an all-expenses-paid trip. In reality, Anna was unable to pay for the $62,000 bill. And so, Anna managed to convince Rachel to pay for the bill with the promise that she would repay her.

Ultimately, despite living a “high life”, Anna actually rarely had the funds. And in many instances, it was her image or handouts that supported the lifestyle she had been living.

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