Inventing Anna season 1, episode 6 recap – “Friends in Low Places”

February 11, 2022
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Inventing Anna turns up the tension and suspense when Anna and Rachel cannot get out of Morocco during their Kardashian-inspired weekend.

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Inventing Anna turns up the tension and suspense when Anna and Rachel cannot get out of Morocco during their Kardashian-inspired weekend.

This recap of Netflix’s Inventing Anna season 1, episode 6, “Friends in Low Places,” contains spoilers.

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Inventing Anna season 1, episode 6 recap

Vivian goes on a couple of dates with her husband, Jack (Anders Holm) and Anna’s lawyer Todd and his wife, Mags (The Trial of the Chicago 7‘s Caitlin FitzGerald). The key player’s spouses are not happy with them as all they do is talk about the case. Vivian even pulls out her computer to show them the few images she found on their trip to Morocco. Anna, Rachel, Kacy, and a videographer (Promising Young Woman‘s Christopher Lowell). They also watch a short video of them being accosted by the hotel staff.

They are angry because Anna can’t pay.

The Khloe Kardashian-inspired trip somehow turned into a felony charge. Anna needs to get out of town while she waits for the deal for Fortress to come through. She invites everyone to Morrocco, her treat, for an Instagram-filled selfie weekend. The problem is Anna doesn’t want to leave the hotel. In the meantime, the gang sees Anna having quiet conversations with the hotel staff for several minutes on multiple occasions. Something is off. Luckily for Kacy, she avoids the impending drama when she gets food poisoning and leaves the hotel to fly back to the United States.

From there, Anna refuses to leave the hotel and is confronted by the hotel staff about needing a credit card. She was asked for a card at the pool, the hotel, and dinner. Each time, the credit card was declined. She then insults the country, pissing off the angry hotel security staff, and Rachel steps up with putting her credit card on as just a hold. Nervous about it, Rachel has faith Anna will provide a card later.

To smooth things over and for Anna to manipulate Rachel, they head off to the Gardens. However, there was a reason before that Anna did not want to leave the comfortable confines of the hotel. She could charge anything she wanted there but had no way to pay if they left and traveled around the city. So, Rachel is understandably shocked when the tour of the gardens costs 2,000 dollars. Rachel is now scared because both establishments will call the cops if they cannot pay. Rachel only has her company card, and Anna has no money.

The trio has to travel back to the hotel with security from the gardens to grab her card the hotel put on hold. The only problem is that they won’t let them leave the premises until the bill is paid. So, Rachel puts her career in jeopardy by placing her company card on hold and taking her private card back with her. And now we have an even bigger issue because Rachel’s card has been declined.

When Rachel finally gets a hold of American Express to authorize enough money to get her out of Morocco (interesting product placement where the company is a hero), Alan calls Anna to tell her Fortress has approved the loan. The only catch is that they will send someone to Germany to verify her trust and finances. This sends Anna into a drunken fit of playing tennis in a white bathrobe while holding a bottle of champagne.

Rachel leaves the country after the videographer convinces her to leave because something is not right here. They sneak out, leaving Anna and Rachel’s Vanity Fair called. Kacy even tells Vivian that Rachel went to Morrocco and mugged, begging. She called Kacy, begging her to repurchase her plane ticket to the States. It turns out Anna maxed out her card and rang up charges on her company card. In total. she ran up bills up to $62,000.

The ending

The final scenes have Neff blaming Rachel for what happened in Morocco as Rachel’s fault because she offered to pay. And we last see Vivian making countless phone calls to Rachel, begging her for her side of the story.

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