The In Between review – the perfect love story for Valentine’s Day weekend

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 11, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
Paramount+ original film The In Between


Joey King and Kyle Allen share remarkable chemistry as The In Between is a beautiful love story.

This review of Paramount+ original film The In Between does not contain spoilers. 

Ever since Joey King played in the Hulu series The Act, I have wanted to see her in more serious films. The In Between isn’t precisely the serious film I had in mind, but in the end, I love her work.

Every love story is a ghost love story. – David Foster Wallace

I am not saying every love story should begin at a movie theater, but because this one did, I was hooked from the beginning. Tessa (Joey King) and Skylar (Kyle Allen) are two wandering souls who find themselves getting ready to watch a movie at the movie theater. Unfortunately, the subtitles are missing from the foreign film Tessa is about to watch as the movie begins, so Skylar takes this as an opportunity to make a move and read the subtitles from the movie to her throughout. It was a charming little way to start the story of these two.

We know from the plot and the trailer, Skylar dies in a car accident but we get an early title drop to learn that The In Between is where some go shortly after death before they disappear for good. Tessa begins to wonder if Skylar is attempting to communicate with her before he is gone.

A relationship in a love story only works if the two leads have chemistry and radiate that love. Joey King and Kyle Allen have this spark from their first meeting and you are emotionally invested in their story. Tessa is afraid of falling in love, and she’s worried if she does, something will happen to Skylar, or it’s not real at all. Joey King handles this role with conviction. You felt happy when she was happy, and you felt sad when she was sad because of her performance; Skylar’s journey felt authentic. King has never been better.

It’s been 21 years since Marc Klein penned Serendipity, a love story of all love stories and I can be first to admit, the writing in The In Between brought me back to the days of falling in love with that film. We see so many movies that touch on relationships and love but rarely do we stumble across something that makes you feel so much. Director Peter Chelsom’s job to bring this script to life wasn’t easy. Directors often fail at trying to weave in and out of a timeline, but Chelsom got it right and because of that, the film works on so many levels.

My biggest bone to pick with the film was the runtime. I think it overstayed its welcome and could’ve had a few edits that maybe shaved 10-15 minutes off and still got its point across. It doesn’t take away from the overall film but does have you wondering from time to time.

The In Between won’t be for everyone as it can be at times predictable, cheesy, and a bit over-the-top, but the film will hit the audience who love a good love story.

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