Tall Girl 2 ending explained – will there be a future for Jodie and Dunks?

By Jacob Throneberry
Published: February 11, 2022
Netflix film Tall Girl 2 ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Tall Girl 2 and will contain spoilers. 

When the big opening night of her show arrives for Jodie, she is overcome with fear and anxiety. With her family in the audience and no sight of Dunkleman, Jodie feels as though she can’t go on. Kimmy is the one who eventually tells her that it is okay to be nervous and anxious. She helps talk Jodie down, and Jodie is able to quiet the voice in her head to give the performance of her life.

When Tall Girl ended, Jodie and Dunks shared a kiss and it was easy to see the two were in a committed relationship. However, in Tall Girl 2 they form a bond much stronger. After everything the two have endured throughout the film, in an intimate moment behind the stage, Dunks tells Jodie how amazing she was as he watched from the box. Dunks shows the pictures he took of Jodie to her and then confesses his love to her. After a slight pause out of admiration, Jodie reciprocates that love back to him.

At the after-party celebrating the success of the show, Dunks gives Jodie a present. After going through all of his memories with Jodie, he finds a sheet of paper he gave her when they were younger that says: Will you be my girlfriend? On the paper, there was a box for both yes and no, but Jodie checked her own box of maybe.

Netflix film Tall Girl 2 ending explained

As Tall Girl 2 closes out, Dunks hands the framed letter to Jodie as a gift, and a token of their memories together. Jodie sees the note and then changes it, checking the box that says: yes. The ending of this film signals a positive future for both Jodie and Dunks. The ending of the first film saw the two forming a relationship for the first time, and after going through trials and tribulations, they still end up together. 

Stig’s sister Stella, played by Johanna Liauw, articulates this to Dunks throughout the movie; he placed Jodie on a pedestal and fell apart when she had her first fall from grace. Tall Girl 2 showed that they had to grow apart to grow closer and that the people you love are worth it, even if they aren’t perfect.

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