How I Met Your Father season 1, episode 6 recap – Stacey

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 15, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Hulu How I Met Your Father season 1, episode 6


The season is finally hitting its stride.

This recap of Hulu’s How I Met Your Father season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers. 

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I guess it took completely splitting up the characters (as opposed to bringing them together in the end) for How I Met Your Father to make a good episode, but Stacey manages to bring insight and development where they still end up hugging it out, but at least after confronting their problems head-on first (with the exception of Ellen, who so often plays the sixth wheel on the show it feels like the writers wanted a gay character but are unsure how to write for her).

How I Met Your Father season 1, episode 6 recap

The main plot revolves around a trip upstate where Sid and his fiancée Hannah have invited Sophie and Drew to check out a “hyper-local” restaurant as a possible wedding venue (so hyper-local the host is the owner’s son, conceived in the very restaurant). Drew is upset he was not invited, but we’ll get to that later, the important plot point is that Sophie is obsessing over Drew’s ex (the titular Stacey), whose Instagram profile (courtesy of Valentina) she — extremely non-creepily — peruses.

Her internet stalking leads to the realization that Drew has been to this restaurant before, and so she repeatedly tries to call him out on it with no result. When Drew gets ready for bed (they’re preparing to have sex together for the first time) she makes the horrible mistake of DMing Stacey, rather than Valentina, a message calling the latter a bitch. 

Horrified, she steals Drew’s phone and ends up in the hallway where she runs into a similarly in-the-doghouse Sid. Earlier Sid regaled the restaurant’s owner with the story of how he bought the bar; he moved to America and went to med school, but had doubts. When the owner of his favorite bar died, he went to the bank and got a loan to buy the bar.

Hearing this story brings up old feelings in Hannah. Rightfully, she’s mad that he made a big life decision without consulting her, and in the hotel room, he refuses to admit wrongdoing.

With everything spiraling, they have a heart-to-heart where Sophie admits that this is her first real relationship and Sid confesses he took the bar as he wanted to do something for himself for once. Even though he knew Hannah would support him, he did it alone anyways. With that in the air, they decide it’s time to go back and apologize, with a Kit-Kat in hand, of course.

Sid promises to do better in the future, which Hannah accepts, and when Sophie returns she finds Drew ready to apologize as fast as she can. He reveals that he didn’t want to admit he’d been there before as it was the location of a huge fight he had with Stacey. You can’t always trust the gram — in fact, the digital illusion of a happy relationship was what led to the faith in the first place.

With their problems solved, they get ready to make love… interrupted by future Sophie’s son, who doesn’t want to hear any more about his mother’s sex life!

The other characters end up at a dinner party at Charlie and Ellen’s apartment (on a table made of boxes), to celebrate Charlie’s new job. Jesse brings a new girlfriend, Mia, an activist who seems to have been taken straight out of a 90s rom-com. Worse (actually probably slightly less bad), she hooked up with Ellen before meeting Jesse, something Ellen vows to maintain a secret to protect her brother (although I’m sure much has to do with her own desire for secrecy).

It doesn’t take long for the truth to come out, and Jesse proclaims he’s upset he’s not at the fancy dinner with Sid. “Because you miss hanging out with Sid and Hanah or because you want to be with Sophie,” his sister asks him. “The first one”, he unconvincingly responds.

Also at the dinner party are Charlie and Valentina, who are taking turns making each other jealous with tales of their respective exes until Valentina notices a pattern; Charlie has a history of moving across the world for a girl (which makes the first episode’s declaration that he abandoned his family wealth for her a bit suspect). Feeling like just another in a long line, she walks out (as does Mia, who has no idea who anyone is talking about).

Eventually, Charlie comes to Valentina’s apartment, burning his passport to prove his love (at least Sid has a photocopy). Valentina is convinced and confesses that she loves Charlie. It’s a little too neat how every relationship drama ends up well, but I’m interested to see the fallout of Jesse’s tiff in ensuing episodes.

Additional points 

  • “I hope you all like beer because I forgot what you ordered”
  • Charlie’s paycheck isn’t enough to cover that much food: “Shall we give everyone their one oyster?” 
  • Drew went to Fyre festival apparently. 

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