Space Force season 2, episode 5 recap – “Mad (Buff) Confidence”

By Marc Miller
Published: February 18, 2022
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Netflix Space Force season 2, episode 5 - Mad (Buff) Confidence


The fifth episode of Space Force season 2 is another episode focusing on workplace escapades that has less plot and more shenanigans.

This recap of Netflix’s Space Force season 2, episode 5, “Mad (Buff) Confidence,” contains spoilers.

Space Force season 2, episode 5 recap

“Did you know Dennis Rodman and Madonna used to go out?” That’s the revelation Erin (Glass’s Diana Silvers) bestows on her father, General Mark Naird (Steve Carell), when she gets back from a party with some friends from her internship, including Dr. Mallory (John Malkovich). Her father is concerned she isn’t prepared for her Colorado College interview tomorrow and tries to get her to perform a self-love pep talk if you will. She barely gets through it before ending it with a flat tone, and she goes off to bed.

The number three energy drink in the continental United States wants to sponsor Space Force. “Fuck” Todd (Blue Iguana‘s Ben Schwartz) has an ingenious idea for General Naird: Let’s try and have Mad Buff sponsor missions. For example, Todd wants to help them restart their Mars mission that was cut short.

“Mad Buff gives you mad confidence!” That’s what General Naird keeps repeatedly stating as they film television and social media spots for their energy drink. Todd later finds out they use his areas that glorifies Space Force as a devilish organization that “will drive you insane” if you drink Mad Buff. Todd maturely creates a video of the kids competing in the battle bot competition that shows Space Force is molding young minds for The United States of America.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chan Kaifang (Love Hard’s Jimmy O. Yang) is still uncomfortable around Captain Angela Ali (Brockmire’s Tawny Newsome). Of course, to maximize the friction, they are pitted against each other in a Space Force completion of what looks like BattleBots! Of course, the tournament is sponsored by Mad Buff Energy Drink and refereed by General Brad Gregory (Dumb and Dumber To’s Don Lake). The final match is between Chan and Angela. They bicker about how she pursued Chan, and Angela then broke it off with him. She then distracts him by saying he is the best she ever had. Angela then drills Chan’s robot to bits.

The ending

As Erin prepares for her interview, both Mark and Dr. Mallory begin to freak her out a bit. Her father advises answering every question with rehearsed but professional answers. While the good doctor says, he enjoys her refreshing honesty. When she later has the interview and informs them that it did not go well, they are concerned. They contacted the Dean at Colorado College, who was told by the professor how mature Erin was. She was honest and said while she would love to go here, she doesn’t think she is ready for college yet. She would prefer to visit the subject later after gaining some experience.

When Mark approaches his daughter later in the cafeteria, Erin tells him she bought all the kid’s refreshments. How? With the money she made from the stock market. (If you remember, she mentioned, offhand, she started playing the stock market earlier in the season). Could Erin be the solution to Space Force’s money troubles?

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