Space Force season 2, episode 6 recap – “The Doctor’s Appointment”

February 18, 2022
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Besides the funny and touching cameo by Patton Oswalt, the sixth episode of Space Force season 2 is an exercise in killing time until the season’s (or series) upcoming finale.

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Besides the funny and touching cameo by Patton Oswalt, the sixth episode of Space Force season 2 is an exercise in killing time until the season’s (or series) upcoming finale.

This recap of Netflix’s Space Force season 2, episode 6, “The Doctor’s Appointment,” contains spoilers.

Space Force season 2, episode 6 recap

“It calls to mind Custer’s last stand. Me, I would put a cork in it.” That’s what Dr. Adrian Mallory tells General Mark Naird after hearing the “shrill” sounds of the military man’s Space Force anthem on the fife. What would Mallory do? He mimics the sounds of the sun’s rays with a faint wind-like sound from his mouth. “F**k” Todd had the alternative rock band Wilco create their theme song. They realize shelving space and organization as they listen to Jeff Tweedy’s melodies. He admits the band thought the along was for a closets store, and he did not have the heart to tell them.

General Mark Naird visits the Space Force base psychiatrist, Lakshmi Miller, MD. She tells him that the goal is to grieve and embrace the shameful feelings of divorce over five biweekly sessions. He then says the word “nope” a half dozen times and leaves the office immediately.

Meanwhile, when he gets back from the doctor’s appointment, General Brad Gregory lets in about the interview and cover of Time Magazine. The news and Gregory letting it slip he may be replaced soon causes him sudden stress and pain in his lower back. Dr. Mallory examines him and assesses the General with kidney stones. He will order a pastrami sandwich with a big slice of bacon on top of it to show him up.

When Erin is cleaning the command center, she puts her feet on the desk while going through her phone; she accidentally rings up that astronaut on their way back from the failed mission to Mars. Here, Erin unveils to the audience that she used her college fund to pay her stock market. She didn’t lose money, however. She made 14,000 dollars. And not to mention, when Erin finally reveals how her mom, Maggie (Lisa Kudrow), went to jail, it cuts to another scene. When it goes back to Maggie, Oswalt’s astronaut is saying, “And she only got twenty years for that?” Further hiding the running joke about why Maggie went to prison.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Terry Crews takes over as the head of the Air Force. All the military leaders are waiting on General Naird to join them. They gossip about his divorce, and when he shows up, he is in apparent distress holding his back. He tells them he hurt it working out. Meanwhile, Oswalt’s astronaut has Erin fetch refreshments, and he is having her perform food p**n for him as she takes more pizza and opens up a can of soda right against the microphone. He later admits that he was thinking of lulling in himself before Erin took the time to talk to him. He later has a tear float away from his eye.

The ending

And while the team gets ready for the Time magazine cover story, they cannot find the General. They end up locating him in a stairwell, withering in pain from his kidney stones. The stone is broken up by emergency medicine, and the team plays the video scope on the command center screens live. They cheer as the stone is broken up and passes through.

At the same time, Chan gets a call from SpaceX. They both did a joint interview with them for a job, where Mallory only brought his protege along because he planned on bringing the young scientist to his new position with him. They only offer it to Chan and pass it on to his boss.

The final scene has Naird feeling like a new man. They take the picture and reveal that this is not a glorified photo opportunity to pat themselves on the back. The cover reads:

“Is it worth the cost?”

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