The Afterparty season 1, episode 7 recap – “Danner”

February 25, 2022
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Apple TV+ series The Afterparty season 1, episode 7 - Danner


This is the weakest episode of The Afterparty yet. It has a solid cast, and there are a few laughs. However, the cop-based storyline is too far from the murder mystery that we’re watching it for. At this stage, so late in the series, it feels a little odd to remove the audience from Xavier’s murder and introduce us to a new story and new characters.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series The Afterparty season 1, episode 7, “Danner”, contains spoilers.

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The Afterparty season 1, episode 7 recap

In the seventh episode of The Afterparty, Detective Culp warns Detective Danner that she could lose her badge. Unbeknown to Danner, however, Aniq, Yasper, and later Zoe listen in on the interview. 

It’s now time for Detective Danner’s story, and The Afterparty takes us back to her early years as a police officer. None of the jobs that she gets prove to be worthwhile. Until Uma, the wife of a famous TV writer, gets murdered on her front doorstep. By questioning the locals, Danner believes that it could link to the theft of packages on the neighbour’s doorsteps. 

Before long, Danner learns that Willow, with green hair and a blue hoodie, is behind the thefts. But Willow denies any knowledge of the murder, a fact that appears to be true as Willow’s Instagram account proves she was elsewhere at the time of the killing. But seeing as Danner’s boss wants to “end the case”, Danner has her work cut out to prove Willow’s innocence. She questions Uma’s husband, Vaugh, and learns that he has a bit of the side; Tatiana. Whilst Danner concludes that whoever killed Uma was copying off Willow’s image. 

Despite accusations that Danner isn’t a team player, she continues to investigate her theory that Vaugh killed his wife. It doesn’t pay off, and Danner gets reassigned to the records room, and with lack of evidence, Vaugh doesn’t go to prison. Regardless, Danner claims it was worthwhile as Willow’s case gets dismissed. Due to the baggage that followed, Danner moved away.

The ending

Back at Xavier’s penthouse, Detective Danner explains that she wants to protect Aniq from her boss. And in the final minutes of the seventh episode of The Afterparty, Detective Culp finds the secret phone and proves that Aniq and Yasper have been listening in. Detective Danner then announces that she knows who killed Xavier, although there are still a few loose ends, and it seems that Maggie (Zoe and Brett’s daughter) could be the next to get interviewed. 

With just one more episode to go, there’s sure going to be a lot to happen. The killer will be exposed, Jennifer #2 will get found, and maybe we’ll get the answers to all of the other questions we’re hoping will get answered. And hopefully, the finale will go back to focusing on Xavier and the events that happened at the actual afterparty and ultimately led to his death.

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